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4 Things to Consider When Purchasing Custom Built Smokers

4 Things to Consider When Purchasing Custom Built Smokers

It does not matter whether you want an updated smoker to make your favourite meals or a fully-equipped smoking machine for a successful local contest; you still need to be careful when getting one of the custom-built smokers for Oklahoma. These smokers are designed to provide smoky flavoured ribs, pork, brisket, salmon, and other foods. They also come in various sizes and designs, which will require you to consider what you need.

Below are some things to consider if you need to expand your options.

#1. Design and Shape

If you want to get any custom-made smokers for Oklahoma, you need to choose the right design and shape. It should depend on what you want to do with the smoker. For a more severe or commercial purpose, you may need to get one with a larger barrel or cabinet that is very fitting.

No matter the model of smoker you get, look for quality and heavy steel construction smokers with thick walls that will easily hold heat in the compartment for an extended period. A heavy but ugly smoker can still perform better than a lightweight version.

#2. Temperature Control

It is a known fact amongst experts that new smokers have enhanced controls for adjusting temperature and smoking time. You can find these features in electric, gas, and charcoal smokers. Ensure you look for a smoker option that includes this feature, or you could consider going for an intelligent temperature probe to help you check from your phone and monitor temperatures.

#3. Heat Distribution

While shape and design are required to choose one of the best custom-built smokers for Oklahoma, heat distribution is also essential. You will need to pay attention to how the shape and fuel affect heat distribution when buying a smoker, especially in the smoker areas that will be hotter. This is necessary for charcoal grills that also serve as smokers with fluctuating hot zones that should be managed.

#4. Price

True. Spending a decent amount of money can get you a perfect, albeit mid-range, charcoal or gas custom-built smoker. However, for an expert setup, the price may be in a higher range. Whatever the price, you would be getting a smoker according to your investment.


The above tips are more like guidelines to ensure you own the suitable custom-made smokers for Oklahoma. You don’t want to buy one now and regret it later, or even worse, spend extra to get another smoker


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