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11 Best Day Trading Platforms for 2023


Available on both iOS and Android devices, this gives you access to the very same account features as you will find on the main website. To help point you in the right direction, below you will find a selection and review of the very best trading platforms of 2023. You can start trading on eToro in just a few minutes by completing the simple online registration.

fast trading platform work

Launched in 2013, this online trading platform is now home to over 10 million clients. Primarily, investors in the US use Robinhood to buy stocks in a simple and cost-effective way. For example, not only does the platform need to have a great reputation and support your chosen financial market – but it also needs to offer competitive fees and top-notch customer support. You also need to consider metrics surrounding trading tools and features, educational resources, and chart reading indicators.

More locates. Lower prices.

Traders who don’t have enough trading capital also risk being undercapitalized, meaning they can burn through their accounts quickly. What’s more, traders who fund their accounts with anything but risk capital stand to lose more than their trading accounts. In this industry’s current state, however, no one broker can compete point-for-point with IBKR. It has the tools, asset range, speed, and global reach that make it a day trader’s dream in terms of constantly finding new price inefficiencies to exploit across markets and asset classes. Interactive Brokers continues to be our top pick for advanced day traders, as well.

Advanced traders will, of course, be working on Traders Workstation whenever it is feasible as the trading environment is more expansive than even the most robust mobile translation. While the broker has filled a major gap with the introduction of cryptocurrency trading, the lack of a user-friendly backtesting environment will still bother some more advanced traders. Counterbalancing this is the fact that never before have such powerful platforms, tools and data been available for independent day traders.

J.P. Morgan Self-Directed Investing

Finally, traders can trade directly from the charts themselves via IBKR’s Chart Trader option. For order flow, IBKR Pro users’ orders are submitted to IBKR’s high-speed, best execution order routing system, SmartRouter. This enables traders to receive optimized pricing and transaction speed. Users of IBKR Lite are routed to select market makers with whom IBKR may have payment for order flow agreements.

fast trading platform work

There are no day trading commissions to pay when buying and selling stocks and ETFs. All contracts-for-differences (CFD) markets can be traded on a spread-only basis. The platform supports over 3,000 stocks and ETFs across nearly 20 international exchanges. This includes stocks in the US, Hong Kong, UK, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Canada, and more. The platform offers day trading markets across over 90 cryptocurrencies, including some of the best altcoins. We have reviewed the best day trading platforms extensively, leaving no stone unturned.

Paper Trading

The best way to day trade with TD Ameritrade is through their Thinkorswim platform. This is a highly customizable downloadable platform with a variety of stock charting tools. Now that all of that is out of the way, let’s get to the meat of the matter – performance.

  • That’s not surprising, since they’re trading against professional traders and highly sophisticated computer algorithms.
  • As such, you’ll want to be in the know-how when a key development occurs.
  • You can test out different strategies and use charting tools with real-time data to further understand how to track markets like a day trader.
  • This intuitive investing app began with a strong crypto focus, but you can now make self-directed trades across a host of other assets.
  • The premium platform comes with a $59 per month fee, although that’s fair when considering the bang that you get for your buck.
  • Those dipping into this kind of active trading may want to risk only a small portion of their account balance — 5% to 10% of your investable assets, at most.

For example, while some of you might be looking to focus primarily on low fees, others might be searching for a platform that offers a specific market or asset class. If using our top-rated trading platform eToro, not only can you deposit funds with Visa and MasterCard, but also e-wallets like Paypal, Neteller, and Skrill. Ultimately, while attempting to understand trading platform fees can be a daunting process, it is crucial nonetheless. You can easily explore whether your preferred financial market is supported by the trading platform by checking out their website. Ultimately, choosing a trading platform that is not regulated – or one that is licensed in a shady offshore location, means that your funds are at risk. Either way, there is no minimum deposit in place and you can fund your account by executing a bank transfer.

Best for Hands-Off Investors: Betterment

Moreover, eToro offers a free demo account, enabling beginners to practice trade in risk-free conditions. The key difference between day trading and swing trading is the amount of time positions remain open. For example, we mentioned above that day traders always close their positions before the end of the trading day. While this limits the upside potential, day trading is considered more risk-averse. This is because assets will often only increase or decrease by a small amount each day.

fast trading platform work

Then, if you closed your stock position when it was worth $600, you’d pay a commission of $6. Fidelity offers thousands of ETFs, mutual funds, and fixed-income bonds, making it a great option if you’re searching for a good ETF trading platform. Fidelity is also great if you’re planning to set up a nest egg for your golden years.


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