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3 Best Reasons Why the Peterbilt 579 is Highly Reliable

3 Best Reasons Why the Peterbilt 579 is Highly Reliable

Founded in 1939, Peterbilt has been one of the companies at the forefront of truck manufacturing, with good reason. Beginning with the Model 334 with its steel cabbed truck, and later the Model 364 as the ideal truck for American forces in World War II, the manufacturer has proven that its trucks perform well and are both sturdy and reliable.

What’s with Peterbilt and why are the trucks making a buzz in the industry? Well, if it’s from PACCAR, it’s dependable and durable. PACCAR, the makers of Peterbilt, boasts of engines that can be considered as truly an engineering marvel. Their powertrains are built for the long haul. So, if it’s from PACCAR, it must be good!

Peterbilt claims to have created a strong heritage of being the ‘Class’ of the industry throughout its more than 80 years of existence, says the website. It means delivering only the best-in-class products coupled with world-class service. People involved in the company worked hard to keep the Peterbilt service and customer care of the highest quality standards.

They said further that the customer will always be at the heart of everything they do as they design, engineer, build, sell and support their trucks. And when speaking about customers, these actually refer to the drivers, operators, and owners of Peterbilt trucks whom they consider as their business partners.

Peterbilt focuses mostly on manufacturing Class 5 to 7, or medium-duty trucks, and Class 8 or heavy-duty trucks. Of the latter, the Model 579 is one of the most recent truck models, being available from 2012 up to the present. While there’s no doubt that any Peterbilt truck can and will get the job done, there’s something about the 579 that draws owner-operators and drivers. Here are a few reasons it’s such a sought-after truck. 

The Peterbilt 579’s Aerodynamic Design

The Model 579 features a lightweight, aerodynamic design, most noticeable with its cab. So not only is this truck easier to handle, but the reduced drag means that it’s more practical and fuel-efficient. That makes it a highly cost-effective Class 8 truck any fleet manager or owner-operator would want to have. 

The Model 579’s Durability

Like several other recent Class 8 models, the 579 uses an all-aluminum cab combined with interior features that are designed to last as long as the exterior. A special in-mold process embeds color into the dash, making for a long-lasting finish that practically eliminates scratching, peeling, and fading. This means that, no matter how old the truck is, it will still look and feel new, as long as it was properly maintained. 

Comfort for Better, Safer Driving

Engineers and designers at Peterbilt know that no one wants to drive in cramped, uncomfortable quarters. So there was considerable research that eventually informed the final design of the Model 579’s cab interior. It’s spacious and comfortable, and yet everything important to driving safely is within reach and easy to read. 

In addition, the truck comes equipped with Peterbilt’s SmartNav™ system. With its dual-function display and various entertainment features, it helps ensure that drivers can plan their routes effectively and reach destinations safely.

The more comfortable cab interior and built-in infotainment and navigation system mean that anyone driving a 579 can rest assured that they won’t have to contend with boredom or driver fatigue. This is important because both can lead to drowsiness, which increases the risk of accidents. With fatigue and boredom out of the picture, though, it’s bound to be smooth driving all the way, both literally and figuratively.

As you can see from the reasons given, a lot of work has gone into designing and manufacturing the Model 579 to make sure it’s both safe and comfortable to drive. At the same time, none of the features make the truck less durable or road-worthy. In fact, all of them have just served to enhance its reliability. It’s no wonder, then, that owner-operators won’t hesitate to purchase such a truck if they have the funds for it. To start looking for a Peterbilt 579 for sale, just visit this page.

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