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4 Car Noises That Tell You It’s Time for Repairs

4 Car Noises That Tell You It’s Time for Repairs
Young mechanic using lamp while examining malfunction of car engine in auto repair shop.

There are some car noises you can ignore, driven by normal function or tolerable wear and tear, and there are others that tell you it is time to visit a qualified auto mechanic or to take more serious action. If you are experiencing strange noises around your vehicle, watch for these four sounds that may clearly indicate the need for car repairs. 

Leaks Under Your Vehicle 

The sound of a slow, persistent leak can be extremely dangerous. Visit an auto mechanic or even consider calling emergency services before you start driving again if you notice that there are fluids dripping beneath your car. This could signify a gas leak, which may spell disaster, or it can hint at issues with your transmission or coolant. You do not want to let this problem linger. 

Squealing Brakes 

If your brakes have been squealing, but still feel responsive and weigh the same when you depress them as they did before, it means that something else is causing them to slip aside as new brake pads are applied. This can mean that your brakes are dealing with grit or some other matter on their surface that needs cleaning with professional-grade solvents. Visiting a capable mechanic like Padco Auto Parts can allow you to stay on top of the issue and stop it from worsening. 

Clunking Noises When Shifting Gears 

There may be serious wearing going on in your vehicle if you hear clunking noises every time you shift gears. The delicate machinery inside your transmission should be kept running as smoothly as possible, and if you notice noises, it may indicate that it is time to replace one or more of its parts. Take it to an auto shop as soon as you can to avoid exacerbating your vehicle’s condition. 

Screeching or Rattling from the Engine Bay 

As soon as you feel that there is something wrong underneath the hood, it is vital for you to get your vehicle to a professional as soon as possible. A sound coming from the engine may indicate a belt slipping out of place or rolling over something else inside your cylinder heads. This will require prompt attention and professional evaluation by an auto mechanic to prevent engine and transmission damage. 

Scheduling regular maintenance will ensure that you do not have to worry about your vehicle. Make sure that you follow a careful routine in order to ensure that any problems you may have with your car are taken care of as soon as possible. 


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