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4 Trailer Tricks to Store Your Vehicle This Summer

4 Trailer Tricks to Store Your Vehicle This Summer
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As the summer temperature continues to soar to its peak, people are going outdoors for a buzz of activities. Most restaurants are being occupied to capacity, parks are being filled with visitors, and the streets have several joggers/bikers, among other activities. Unfortunately, this isn’t true for some trailer drivers who don’t enjoy driving in intense heat. If you want to store your trailer in a safe place during the summer, the following tricks will significantly help you. 

Park In the Home Garage 

There are few places better to park your trailer than in your home garage. While the garage’s main purpose is to store your vehicle, some homeowners are always reluctant to use them for parking functions. This is probably because they’ve turned it to other uses such as studio, mudroom, storage, and home gym or other reasons. Nevertheless, if you want your trailer to be safe and cool during the hot summer, you’ll have to clear out the garage for it. 

Use a Windshield Sun Shade

If you find vacating the garage a problem, you can still use the option of using a windshield sun shade. These shades are designed with a reflective covering that effectively blocks the primary entry point of the sun into your trailer. While these windshield sun shades come in many designs and models, make sure you select a quality model that will prevent thermal heat from your trailer’s cabin. 

Use a Tarp 

During the hot summer, a tarp can offer perfect shade and protection to your trailer and other vehicles. All you need to do is build a basic shelter using ropes, pegs, and tarp material. Again, tarps exist in different materials; polyethylene and coated canvas. While the former tends to break off easily under the strong summer heat, the latter is much more durable. If you can get custom-fitted tarps, the installation can be efficient, hence better protection of your trailer. 

Keep Windows Cracked 

Despite parking in the shade, leaving your trailer’s cabin windows slightly opened can help control the gruesome summer temperatures. However, make sure the space left doesn’t fit your arm. Even a small crack/space as 2 inches can act as ventilation to allow your cabin to cool. As a caution, make sure the parking area is safe before cracking the windows. Otherwise, you may be vulnerable to vandalism. 

Vehicles, whether salons, trucks, or trailers, aren’t immune to the misery of hot summer temperatures. For many drivers, driving in the scorching heat is a challenge. Therefore, if you want to park your trailer safely during the summertime, ensure you follow the tips above. 


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