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4 Ways to Motivate Your Team

4 Ways to Motivate Your Team

Did you know that according to recent data, over 80% of highly motivated employees are less likely to resign from their jobs? Keyword, being highly motivated. Team motivation is a game-changer for businesses looking to scale. Why is that?

Because a business is only successful if the members that make up the staff are determined and committed to steering the company to success. Motivation provides a powerful incentive for your team to bring out the best performance. People often mistake a paycheck as more than enough motivation for staff to deliver, but the truth is far from that. Employees need more rewards to perform than just monetary incentives.

As some employees might start to lose interest in their jobs, especially when they’ve been going through the same routine for a while, it is essential to acquire the skill of keeping your employees on regular motivation, so the quality of their job doesn’t waver. When staff members start to feel disconnected, productivity drops as the staff doesn’t feel the burning determination to reach the company goal as they once felt before. Your business is at risk. Creating a motivational program for your employees is critical to the continued success of your business. What are the best ways to motivate your team?

1. Keep Them Engaged

Employee engagement involves more than just knowing whether an employee likes their job or doesn’t. Instead, it is an in-depth analysis that gives a peek into the mind of staff members; it is a measurement of their level of commitment to the business’s success and how invested they are in the job. According to the New York Daily News, almost 70% of employees in the United States feel miserable and disengaged at work. They still work there, no doubt.

But it is more about the paycheck than the company’s welfare that drives them.

This disturbing news indicates how lowly engaged the workforce is today. How can the story be turned around? How can the zeal and commitment to the company’s vision be stoked within employees? Think about employee engagement initiatives such as getting to know them beyond the professional setting. Do they live with family? Are they married, divorced or single? Any health issues or allergies?

These questions might seem a little too personal for a business environment, but knowing your staff on a personal level strengthens your rapport with them, makes them feel cared for, and positively affects their work performance.

Recognize a job well done and duly reward them for it. Don’t hold back on your compliments on a task well-done. You can even hold monthly “Employee Of The Month” sessions and offer monetary rewards. If there is anything that can encourage employees to work better and harder, this is it.

2. Consider Hybrid Work Models

Flexible hybrid work models are the new black for working structures, particularly after the pandemic, which forced employees to switch from the typical office model to a remote setting. The pandemic might be behind us, but the changes it has brought to companies are here to stay as employees now favor a flexible working environment.

How can this help employees stay motivated?

The reason is that hybrid and remote work models allow for work-life balance. A survey held in January 2022 showed that 63% of employees feel motivated to perform more if their work schedules are more flexible.

When employees control their work schedules, they can be more productive and motivated to perform seamlessly.

3. Help Make Knowledge Accessible

Incorporate knowledge management systems in your company to create an appropriate learning and sharing environment for employees, particularly in a rapidly changing world where countless innovations and inventions are leading the world further and further into the digital era.

Giving your employees room to grow and acquire more knowledge within the company serves as a massive motivator for staff. It shows them that you are interested in their progress. But, it is also empowering employees to learn new skills that contribute to the business’s good at the end of the day.

4. Be a Good Listener

One of the most significant motivating factors for employees is the feeling that their thoughts and opinions are heard at work.

Granted, not every idea they bring might be executed. But, asking for their opinions on specific topics related to the company heightens their sense of involvement in its progress.

Employees who feel they are being listened to tend to feel more connected with the business and strengthen their motivation to deliver the best work for the employer.

This is not so for employees whose bosses continuously shut down. They might feel unconcern about the organization’s status, and the motivation to deliver results is no longer there.


As much as the truth stings, there are more unmotivated employees in this world than there are motivated ones. The numbers have never been more significant in a workforce populated by a younger and more diverse population. 

However, business owners and managers can successfully work it out of the tricky situation by understanding the reason behind their waning interest in the job and rekindling their passion once more.


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