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5 Best Useful Apps for Hikers You Should Install

5 Best Useful Apps for Hikers You Should Install

Going for a long hike can be a life-changing event for some. It’s always a good idea to have a reliable app for hikers on your phone that can help you with directions, and the surroundings, and provide information on many areas of your trek – including fresh and safer paths to explore. To help you out with this, we have given the 5 best useful apps for hikers you should install below.


AllTrails is a great app for hikers, both beginners and professional hikers included. Finding customized hiking, bicycling, and jogging paths depending on your chosen length and difficulty level requires only a few clicks on your phone. You may also make custom trail maps, track your friends’ activities, and read trail ratings from the app’s user community. Although the app’s premium paid edition includes functions like offline off-route navigation and real-time overlays, most explorers will find that the free version is sufficient.

AllTrails does an excellent job of assisting its members in leading happier lives through shared experiences. You may easily share personalized maps, routes, and experiences with relatives and friends using the app. Many of the venues’ opinions and photos are also given by genuine individuals, making the app’s content more honest and credible.


Spyglass is the best app for hikers if one is navigating the outdoors. The software functions in 3D and includes current new features such as augmented reality navigation which tells you where objects are in real-time and overlays instructions on photographs and maps. The software may also transform your phone into a GPS receiver, altimeter, speedometer, star finder, coordinate converter, pair of binoculars, and other devices. Spyglass has a plethora of capabilities that will make you into an expert navigator and adventurer. Furthermore, the sophisticated and precise object position data features may significantly improve your animal viewing and stargazing experiences.

The Hiking Project

The Hiking Project is a useful hiking app that leverages user-generated material to help you choose the right path for you. Users contribute route descriptions, photographs, and reviews, which are then reviewed by an in-house team before they’re included in the app. The hiking app is essentially a live guidebook that is updated with new material and reviews on a regular basis. This app for hikers also works offline, so you can take it with you wherever your adventures take you. All of the content on The Hiking Project comes from genuine hikers who have personally experienced the paths they describe. The Hiking Project is the greatest hiking app for finding out particular information such as how much water to pack and where to park your car. Another fantastic feature is that the program is completely free and does not include any bothersome pop-up adverts, resulting in an excellent user experience.

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PeakFinder AR

This app for hikers is designed for aspiring mountaineers. PeakFinder AR has information on over 650,000 peaks throughout the world, and it can help you identify the ones you locate while hiking. PeakFinder AR uses your phone’s location and camera to name the peaks you’re looking at, from Mount Everest to that tiny hill off in the distance. This labeling and naming capability are also available within a 360-degree panoramic view in the app. You may record locales and share them with others using the app’s camera and picture editing mode. Hiking is as much about exploration and discovery as it is about good health. PeakFinder AR allows you to learn the names of all the new peaks you come across, so you can say you saw ‘Mount Owen’ instead of just another forgettable ‘hilly region’ the next time you chat about your weekend trek.


Cairn is a hiking app for staying safe when out on the trail. For their (and your) peace of mind, you may use the app to share your real-time progress and whereabouts with family or friends. This app for hikers also assists you in planning your route by providing useful estimations of how long it will take you to finish a specific path based on customized data, as well as highlighting places with poor mobile connections ahead of time. If your hike takes longer than intended, the app will send a notification to your emergency contacts. The app’s premium edition allows you to utilize its capabilities offline and delivers live updates to your contacts automatically.

Cairn allows you to share your journey’s progress, locate locations with excellent coverage, and guide to safety! Hiking is a lot of fun, but it may also be perilous if you’re exploring new territory. Cairn assists you in returning to your original location.

So, before you go on your next hiking or camping adventure, make sure you have installed at least one of these apps for hikers on your phone. Read more reviews about tech, app and software on or


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