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5 Most Common Myths About Waxing You Should not Believe

5 Most Common Myths About Waxing You Should not Believe

No doubt, waxing is one of the most effective methods of hair removal. But there are a lot of false myths about the waxing treatment which can force you to refrain from scheduling a wax appointment.

Will it harm my skin? Will it make my hair grow back thicker? Will it create wrinkles making me look older? These are just a few of the common misconceptions that hundreds and thousands of women have in mind.

But do not worry! You are at the right place. some of the common waxing myths are debunked here. Professional wax services in Lahore have enlisted five of the most common waxing myths that are false and must not be believed.

Most Common Myths About Waxing You Should not Believe

In this article, we have debunked a few false waxing myths so that you can stop fearing them. Give this article a read and get your skin waxed before you start looking like a bear:

Myth 1: Hair Grows Thicker After Waxing

Many people believe that hair grows back thicker if you remove them on regular basis. The hair that grows after the waxing also gets darker. But it is not right at all.

According to experts, there is no logic in this statement because when you get waxing regularly, it makes your hair weaker. The hair that will grow later will also be more sparse than the earlier one.

And the growth of the hair will also be slowed down. When you will wax your body next time, it will also be less painful. Therefore, there is not any reality in this saying that the waxing makes hair grow back thicker.

Do not believe such myths, book full body wax in Lahore, and look smooth and even. You will see yourself that this is not right.

Myth 2: Waxing hurts a lot

Waxing does not always hurt. It depends upon the person who is waxing: if he knows how to wax properly, you do not experience much pain.

On the other hand, if the person is not professional and tries unprofessional techniques to remove unwanted hair, it can hurt a lot. He can use hard wax where soft wax should be used.

So, it is not the wax to be blamed but the person. You just have to book the right person for the right experience of waxing.

You can try the most trusted online platform Mahir Company for the least painful waxing experience. And all the risks in your mind will be cleared.

Myth 3: Waxing harms the Skin

When you wax your body, it is natural that your skin becomes reddish but there is nothing to be feared. It is because the wax pulled your skin a bit hard.

It does not mean that your skin is harmed and these signs are going to last forever. Instead, the waxing exfoliates your skin and opens up its pores.

All the redness and inflammation will disappear in hours making your skin look smooth and even. So, do not fear false myths.

Moreover, if you let an expert wax your body, he can lessen the chances of redness and inflammation. So, book waxing services at home and get all your unwanted hair removed.

Myth 4: Waxing Creates Wrinkles

You must have heard at least once that the waxing creates wrinkles. But is not right at all. Although it is easy to blame waxing for wrinkles, it does not do anything that can contribute to wrinkles.

People think that the areas such as below the eyes or upper the lip get wrinkles due to regular waxing. But the fact is that it depends entirely on your sleeping habits, food, age, and genes but not on waxing.

Remember! As you age, wrinkles will occur on your face. But it is not right to say that it is wax that pulled your skin and makes wrinkles on your skin.

So, if you have grown your hair and are looking like a bear, do not wait for any more. Find a skilled waxing expert by searching “waxing services near me” in your search engine. And get a smooth and even skin that will make you stand out at your friends’ party.

Myth 5: Waxing is not right for the Upperside of your Eyebrows

If you think that it is not right to wax the upper side of your eyebrows, you should reconsider it. Why is it wrong or ineffective? There is no logic but still, people believe.

Where there is hair, you can wax it. Just apply the wax according to the area and remove all the unwanted hair. When you will remove all the unwanted hair, your skin will look fresh, even, and smooth. So, stop believing in false myths and schedule a waxing appointment at home. Otherwise, you will look like a bear.


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