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5 social media tips and trends for in 2022

5 social media tips and trends for in 2022

5 social media tips and trends for in 2022

Each month, we’re sharing short summaries of top social media advice and news and trends we’ve seen. These are based on our experiences dealing with clients and what we’ve been studying on the internet. In the month that marks the start of the calendar, our roundup also includes several year-end reports and predictions for 2022.Check out these January tips to see if they will assist you in increasing your social media engagement, reach, and followership. Make sure you check before you change your strategy completely, and skip any suggestions that aren’t appropriate for your business or the people you’re targeting. click here

Are you looking for more social media trends and concepts? See our April 2022 and March 2022 articles, as well as February 2022 and other articles from the month.

1. News from social media

Keeping current with the latest developments on social media platforms TikTok introduced the LIVE Intro feature, which allows users to include brief text descriptions for viewers to watch live streams.Instagram now allows users to alter the text and colors of the links within Stories.

Instagram introduced Reels replies, allowing users to reply to comments using Reels (similar to the TikTok option).

2. Test on Instagram Results 

Reach is higher, and exit rates lower Stories of brands Socialinsider looked at nearly one million brands’ Instagram Stories to determine how brands are using Stories and what is working best to satisfy various performance metrics. What are their main conclusions?

Larger brands (100kplus followers) have increased their usage of Instagram Stories over the past year. Smaller brands have also increased the number of Stories they publish.

Posting 5 or fewer Stories per day keeps retention rates above 70%.

Instagram users are likelier to swipe ahead on images Stories than video Stories. (This is understandable, given that Instagram users usually have enough time to look through images and Stories in full before the Story is over.)

Instagram users leave faster after videos in Stories.

Image Stories slightly outperform video Stories when it comes to their reach.

Instagram Stories have lower reach rates when compared to feeds with posts. (This is not surprising considering their limited availability at all hours.)A graph illustrates Instagram Story’s reach rate by type of, with picture Stories slightly beating out videos.

These findings suggest that image Stories may be more effective for brands than video Stories. This is a bit surprising considering the current popularity of short-form videos. However, as always, be sure you test this by yourself since the context was not taken into account, as every observation is the same for all circumstances.

3. Twitter tip for micro-influencers: Social media can boost higher sales of hedonic products

Another aspect of research on influencers Another influencer research study, another (partial) endorsement of micro-influencers.

A recent study discovered that for hedonic products, promoted posts by smaller influential people (10k or 100k followers) increase sales more than big influential people (>1m following). The product is purely practical, and the influencer’s number does not matter.

A graph shows that micro-influencers are more influential in driving sales than mega-influencers.Hedonic products include clothing, restaurants, decorative candles, premium hotels, and high-end electronic devices.

Utilitarian products are more efficient or practical, for example, basic kitchen appliances, water bottles, candles that repel insects, motels, and so on.The idea of micro-influencers (<25k fans in this scenario) have more results than macro-influencers. This is repeated in the December Facebook guide to influencer marketing.

4. Twitter 2021 review Top Tweets and trends

In their annual video roundups, Twitter reveals the most interesting Tweets, the most popular emoticons, and the most tweeted-about films, TV shows, and sporting events for 2021. Take a look at a few of the most popular tweets below:Twitter also celebrated top brands and moments on Twitter in 2022. They included:

Most tweeted-about brands: Disney+

The most tweeted hashtag of Nintendo: #NintendoSwitch

The most popular brand tweet: Nicky Jr. celebrating their Blue’s Clues TV series’ 25th anniversary by bringing on Steve. Steve.

Best brand image: McDonalds, thanks to its celebrity meals campaigns, the launch of its loyalty program, and other frequent communication.

  • The best campaign launch: Ford Motor Company and its new EV vehicle.
  • The best commercial that “connected to a major moment:” Mountain Dew directed followers to Twitter to try to guess the number of bottles in the Super Bowl ad.

Oreo’s best innovative campaign was analyzing fans’ most recent tweets to create an individual #HOROscope that includes delicious information about their personality.The best “thank you” campaign: CeraVe with #ThankYouNurses shines an illumination on front-line workers amid the epidemic.Check now

5. TikTok Review 2022: The best moments

TikTok marked the close of the year with a compilation of their most popular “trends, moments, and movements” that range from the #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt list of wishes, the latest trends in feta pasta, and the most-loved songs, as well as the hilarious videos, and other that the features could only make of Tik Tok.

Check out the report’s complete report of U.S. and global accounts, hashtags, communities, and songs. However, here’s a brief overview of the most popular TikTok moments:In a different report from December, TikTok also looked back on the top-selling and sold-out U.S. trends in the brand market that have been a part of the past year. Check it out in detail here.


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