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6 Ways Your Old Wiring Could be a Commercial Fire Hazard


If your company is located in an old structure, or one that was built over two decades ago the chances that you’re not thinking about the electrical and wiring within your structure. It’s hidden under the plaster and drywall, in the end. It could be one reason why the majority of fires in older structures result from old electrical systems. Here are a few dangers of old electric systems within your workplace:

Knob and Tube Wiring

Older homes usually be equipped with what’s known by the term “knob as well as tubes” wiring. This isn’t an issue until it’s damaged, chewed up by rodents, or damaged in any other way. It then is among the top cause of electrical fires according to insurance companies.

Low Amp Wiring

Another significant electrical fire risk reason is the fact that older wiring may be classified for fewer amps than the ones required for modern equipment and equipment. This could lead to overloading of circuits which can cause electrical fires. Removing breakers with damaged arc circuit interrupters could be a solution to wiring issues like this in older buildings.

Poorly Modified Wiring

For older structures, especially ones from the beginning of the 20th century, it’s unusual for wiring to be modified over time, usually by those who didn’t have knowledge of electrical wiring. This could mean live wires are tangled or connections that aren’t properly executed, as well as other issues that lurk behind those walls in your office property.

Old Insulation on Wire

Insulation on older wiring can be said to be not ideal. As time passes it might be chewed on by animals or damaged by screws or nails that were inserted into walls, or get brittle or weakened due to the effects of. The wire is then that is the heart that is exposed and this can result in sparks or fire.

Faulty Breakers

It’s not just the wiring that poses an issue for fire safety in older structures. In the event that the commercial electrical panel was not upgraded in recent times It’s possible that the breakers and switches which make up the circuits may be malfunctioning also. If they’re not functioning properly and your electrical system isn’t functioning properly, it won’t accomplish what it’s supposed to do and could be risky.

Poor Electrical Design

A poor design is a major issue with old electrical equipment. Based your age and the construction of the building it is possible that your electrical system have been constructed to meet the requirements of codes in force fifty or even 80 years back. Standards and codes have changed considerably in the past and there’s a great chance that your wiring wouldn’t have passed an inspection, if you needed to undergo one.

The reality is that your home does not have to be particularly old to be a victim of old electric work. If it was constructed around the time of the 70s and before there may be electrical problems hidden in the walls. If you’re unsure its best is to hire a reputable commercial electrical company look over the area and check for any significant fire dangers.


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