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7 Secrets to Happiness You Need to Know About

7 Secrets to Happiness You Need to Know About

Whenever someone asked me who I want to become in my life, my ultimate answer was I just wanna be happy.

I am sure that’s most of us. Dealing with the insecurities, challenges, and misfortunes all we want in our lives is probably being happy. Well, happiness holds a different meaning for everyone. For someone, happiness can be having a degree and for someone else, it can be reuniting with their loved ones.  

No matter what it is, chasing happiness is probably what we love to do the most. Throughout my childhood, I saw my mother suffering from a uterine condition and seeing her going to the best doctors in Karachi one after another, I knew that all I wanted was for her to recover. After her recovery, I associated happiness with a good job, a new car and so on. The fact is I was never able to break this chain.

But let me tell you one secret. Happiness is not a degree, money or anything else. It is state-of-art. You can be happy while chasing your dreams or can’t even get happier after getting it. The fact is we associate it with different things at different times. So, the secret to a happy life doesn’t lie in bigger things. 

How to Stay Happy?

If you are also struggling with this, then you are at the right place. Here are some of the tips that can help you stay happy in your life.

1- Stay positive

I know this is not very easy to do. But having a positive attitude in your life can actually matter a lot. You won’t be worrying about the small thing and will remain safe from the episodes of overthinking, comparison and much more. Stay positive no matter what, and believe that time will change for sure.

2- Enjoy every moment

Most of the time we worry about whether we regret the previous happenings or worry about the future. The ultimate key to happiness is to start living in the moment. When we celebrate small things in our lives and value the present moment we are less likely to be unhappy in our lives.

3- Maintain work-life balance

This is one of the most challenging things to do, we all can agree upon. 

We need to work and it takes most of our day but do you know maintaining a balance between your work and personal life is very important. This will not ensure your better productivity at work but will also keep you connected to your loved ones. So, if you want to prevent exhaustion, make sure to look at your work-life balance and try to maintain it in every possible manner.

Even you can work towards your dietary choices to feel happy as diet and happiness have an undying association

4- Work on your finances 

Money can’t buy you happiness but it drives our lives. We earn it by working day and night. But when it comes to spending our hard-earned money we are less likely to even think twice about it. So, here make sure to think about your finances. This will not only keep your finances in check but will help you save for the future.

5- Make gratitude a habit

We find it very easy to complain and talk about things that are not pleasing to us. 

However, only if we make gratitude a habit, this will solve many of our problems. A complaining attitude is one of the reasons why we are not happy in our lives. So, make sure to practice gratitude. Yes, every time you are able to afford a thing, be thankful. A good way to do it is to begin your day by counting your blessings and end your day with the same.

6- Work on your relationships

No matter whatever you do and wherever you stand in your life, realize that it is very important to have some meaningful relationships in your life. Your brother, mother, sister, father, spouse or children, all of them have their important place in your life. 

While we spend most of our time earning to make a living, be mindful that you should work on your relationships as well. Try to work on your differences and figure out the conflicts. Have a forgiving attitude and spend time with your loved ones.

7- Spend time in nature

Staying close to nature can actually help you. Nature has healing power and can make you feel better for all good reasons. So, realize how important is it to spend time with nature. You can ask someone to accompany you or can make out your me-time as well. Feeling close to nature is capable of taking away your worries. 

Bottom Line!

While many people struggle with happiness, it is very important to realize that happiness is not a discrete entity. We can find it in smaller things without associating it with your progress and achievements. You can try all these tips and pave your path to a happier healthier future.


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