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Addiction Recovery Steps to Keep Your Mind Busy

Addiction Recovery Steps to Keep Your Mind Busy

Making the choice to receive treatment for an addiction is an accomplishment that you should be proud of. Although you have a strong support system around you at the recovery center, you can also learn some strategies for keeping your mind busy and occupied.  

Creatively Express Your Thoughts  

Speaking with your counselor or therapist regularly is likely a part of the treatment plan. There may be other times, however, when you want to express your thoughts, and trying some creative outlets can help. For example, you could write in a diary, paint, create poems, play an instrument, or participate in theatrical performances. 

You might also decide to enroll in an addiction recovery program that uses techniques from the field of art therapy. These programs have plenty of experienced professionals who can help you find ways to keep your mind focused. Consider enrolling if you need further help finding creative recovery methods. 

Try a Hobby  

Occupying your mind with activities that you do simply for fun is important. Your participation in creative expression might inspire a new hobby. Other options include collecting stamps, going on nature walks, photography, sewing, or scrapbooking. You might need to try out a few different options to find a hobby that you love. Also, think about hobbies that you had as a child. Picking up where you left off can be easier and more enjoyable than you might expect.  


During your recovery from addiction, you have the opportunity to work on bettering both your physical and mental health in holistic ways. Exercising promotes improved physical health, and you can also find a way to keep your schedule busy. Speaking with your doctor about the best exercises for your physical fitness goals is a smart idea. You might start by going for a run at the local track or by trying out some equipment at the gym. If you’re looking for more social ways to exercise, consider group fitness classes at the gym, library, or community center.  

Seek Spiritual Guidance  

Connecting with a higher being is a part of many recovery programs. Do keep in mind that secular programs are available too. If you’re interested in religion or spirituality, practicing your faith can help with recovery and aid in healing. You might choose to start attending religious services, or you may decide to connect with a higher being through meditation or yoga.  

Keeping your mind busy during recovery is important. Following these tips can help you to manage triggers and to lead a healthier and more fulfilling life. Do take the time to relax as well. 


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