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Applications that create song lyrics automatically

Applications that create song lyrics automatically

Many of the songs that reach fame do not stand out precisely for having fantastic lyrics, in fact on some occasions it seems to have been generated by a computer, instead of by a great artist, and it may be that in certain cases it is.In fact, there are certain indications that give credibility to these assumptions, to which you simply have to pay attention and see how things do not end up fitting in a very correct way.

Auto-generated lyrics aren’t always bad

Clarifying that original lyrics written by humans are always better, those produced electronically are not necessarily bad. And considering that even professionals have come to use this for their projects, why not give it a try and see how it turns out on a project of your own?

That said, if you are just starting out in the music business or just want to do it for pleasure in your free time, you can start working with various specialized platforms with artificial intelligence to create lyrics for your songs.

There are several websites that show applications that generate best lyrics website and in today’s list we show you:

Create English song lyrics.

We just have to choose the genre (metal, love song, rap…) and give it clues about what we want. It is possible to say verbs, nouns, adjectives, animals… a very complete form so that the result is as personalized as possible.

Once the unique lyrics have been generated, we can now use them to put our music on top, everything ready to reach the top 40.

 An option that requires less data, because it has an artificial intelligence system behind it that is capable of obtaining results without the need for much initial information. We only have to choose the theme of the song and press the button, obtaining the desired result in a few seconds, also in English, just like the other option mentioned above.

The famous lyrics portal lyrics also have a lyrics generator.

You have to say the subject and give some details of when and how we met our partner, since it specializes in love songs.

In case you do not want to put data about your relationship, or you simply want to ignore this section, you can generate random options from these personal questions.

To finish the process you will have to fill out some other forms, such as the name you want the song to have, the name of the person to whom you write it, your email and little else.

Creates song lyrics after we tell it which artist we want to imitate. The result mimics the style of the indicated singer with completely new lyrics, also in English.

Being only available in that language, you will be able to choose any of the more than 40 English-speaking artists that they show you, ranging from Bruce Springsteen or Mariah Carey, to Drake or Cristina Aguilera.

In case you don’t like the letter very much and you want to make a new attempt, you will only need to click on the upper Reset button to be shown a new result.

Although they may seem like applications without much technology behind them,

There are serious studies carried out by researchers in Canada to make generators of lyrics based on specific artists, such as the fourth option that we mentioned before. The study in question can be found at

As we have just mentioned, there are not many of these applications or platforms in Spanish that turn out to be easy to use and have outstanding results. For this reason, if you don’t have any problem with the mentioned sites being in English, then you’ll be fine even though you can just translate the pages and that’s it.


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