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Home Health Aqua Therapy – A Powerful Tool For Fast Patient Recovery

Aqua Therapy – A Powerful Tool For Fast Patient Recovery

Aqua Therapy – A Powerful Tool For Fast Patient Recovery

Aqua therapy is a very powerful tool for fast patient recovery. It can overcome many of the challenges of traditional physical therapy and help accelerate recovery. In this article, we will go over some of the benefits, include a brief background, and then a brief overview of the different types of equipment that can help in aquatic therapy.


Aqua therapy can help speed up recovery because it allows patients to exercise with less weight than if they were performing the same exercises on land. This allows patients with arthritis, limb aches or fractured bones to conduct exercises in the water that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to do on land.

One of the biggest concerns with doing exercises while in physical therapy is the strain that can be placed on the bones or muscles. While conducting water therapy, this isn’t a concern.

By taking the pressure of weight off of the patient and shifting the resistance to water resistance, muscle development and conditioning can occur in an environment that doesn’t risk injury to the patient.

A Brief Background

Aqua therapy has been used ever since ancient Greece to help cure physical ailments. Today it is prescribed by many doctors, physical therapists and even surgeons for physical therapy.

Aquatic therapy is often used for recovery from sports injuries. Not only does it relax the muscles, it also strengthens the muscles simultaneously. It helps keep sports players in top form while simultaneously aiding in their recovery.

On top of that, iv drip queens is often less costly than traditional forms of physical therapy.

One common misconception is that aquatic therapy is only for people who are already injured. This isn’t necessarily the case. In reality, it can be used to prevent injury as well. This is a common technique used among sports players.

Different Types of Equipment

Aqua therapy has a wide range of applications, depending on the mobility of the patient. The type of equipment that’s used is dependent on who will be using it.

If the patient is movement impaired, outside equipment can be used to assist in water therapy. Both weights and floating noodles can be used to help a patient balance in the water, as well as train in various forms of physical activity.

One can use aquatic therapeutic equipment for everything from regaining the ability to walk, to strenuous cardiovascular exercise. For example, one of the most popular recent pieces of equipment is the underwater treadmill. The underwater treadmill allows you to conduct cardiovascular exercise without risking injury to your muscles.

Many pools will be able to provide ankle weights, water boards and resistance-enhancing equipment that you wear on your hands and feet.

Wrapping up

We have now covered the benefits of working with aqua therapy, given a brief background on it and gone over some of the basic therapeutic equipment. Aqua therapy can be a great way to compliment or even replace traditional physical therapy.


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