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Home Business Are custom vaping boxes worth all the hype?

Are custom vaping boxes worth all the hype?

Are custom vaping boxes worth all the hype?
Custom vape boxes

Custom vape boxes have overtaken the vape industry. The idea of putting vaping products in regular boxes is almost obsolete now. Sellers and buyers both prefer bespoke packages, which are becoming almost standard now. But what is it about them that everyone is going crazy about them? What benefits do they bring to the business, and more importantly, are they worth all the hype? So, let’s begin.

What is a custom box?

First, let us try to understand what is a custom box and then we will see what benefits they provide to the businesses. A custom box is made according to the specifications provided by the buyer. The color, size, design, style, everything is personalized. It makes them one-of-a-kind boxes, which is one of the reasons for their popularity.

Why are custom vape boxes becoming popular?

We will now spell out some of the reasons behind the success of custom vape boxes and later decide about their effectiveness.

custom vape boxes
custom vape boxes

Vape custom boxes are durable and robust:

They are made using materials that suit the nature and character of vapes. A vape is a sensitive item, and you need to guard it against adverse weather and mishandling. It is fragile and can easily break off upon mishandling. It demands special care while packing, where custom boxes come into the picture. They are made with sturdy and robust material to support vaping products fully. These materials include;

Cardboard sheet

Corrugated sheet

Rigid sheet

Kraft sheet

The first three are more or less the same material with slight variations in their design and construction. The last one is a unique material made of biodegradable elements. Eco-friendly buyers prefer such stuff, and they will happily buy any item made with sustainable material. Being organic doesn’t mean it is any less robust than the usual material. So, it makes for ideal custom vape boxes.

They are beautiful to look at:

Humans have an eye for things that are pretty. It goes for inanimate things too. Vape custom boxes are made eye-catching using different techniques and methods. A vape user is usually a man with a taste for finer things in life. He would appreciate that his vape is packaged and presented fabulously. Here are some of the ways to make a vape box special.

Choose a novel color scheme for the box: A color puts life into it and gives it the look and appearance that defines its character. There are hundreds of colors and shades of the same color family available now. You also have the liberty to create a new color shade for your box. Whatever you choose, make sure it looks decent, stylish, and goes with the box’s theme.

Create alluring artwork: Just having a colorful box is not enough. You need to adorn the box with striking artwork. It may include stylish graphics, images, typography, etc. All of them will combine to make artwork that looks amazing. The box should covey a wow feeling to the buyers, and he would feel nothing but impressed about them.

Print add-ons are helpful, too: Print add-ons are various printing techniques that uplift the box’s look. You can apply them to the box in parts or whole, depending on how you want to create a look for it. Generally, print add-ons refer to the following;




UV spot printing

Stamp foiling

Matte or gloss finishing

These will make vape custom boxes more special and catch the buyers’ eyes.

Custom vape boxes promote your brand:

You can put your brand name, logo, and company name on the box. It makes the packaging a billboard for your company’s advertisement. No matter where it is, the custom vape box promotes your company’s name. Whether in a retail shop or at the buyer’s home, it displays your logo and brand to the rest of the world, which is a significant advantage of custom vape boxes.

They are very effective in image building:

A slickly produced vape custom box with all its embellishments creates a positive image of the vape company. The buyer can’t help but feel impressed by the box and automatically assume that the product would be of an equally high standard. Packaging thus becomes a tool to spread positivity about the company and cultivate its reputation.

Custom vape boxes:

Final verdict, Because of all the incredible benefits outlined above, you must opt for custom boxes whenever you want to produce packaging for vapes. It will bring immense benefits to your business.

Producing custom vape boxes:

The production of vape cartridge packaging boxes requires a factory that knows everything about custom boxes. Fast Custom Boxes is one such factory. It knows its craft very well and has experience producing all sorts of custom boxes. Its team would guide and assist you in creating the best quality custom vape boxes. It offers a very economical price and high standards to go with it. Do not hesitate to give it a try for your customized packages.


It sums up our topic on the importance of custom vape boxes and why you should use them in your business. Custom boxes are here to stay, and their usage will spread further.


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