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Back to Wall Rimless Toilets – A Good Choice For Modern Bathrooms

Back to Wall Rimless Toilets – A Good Choice For Modern Bathrooms

Back to Wall Rimless Toilets

The Back To Wall Rimless Toilets is a great addition to your contemporary style bathroom. In modern times, toilets are not just for utilitarian purposes. Perhaps, these play an important role in bringing new aesthetics to your bathroom. Generally, you can divide modern toilets into three types the first is close couple toilets, which have a visible cistern and directly sits on the floor. The second is Back to wall that also sits on the floor but with a hidden cistern. While the third type is a wall-mount style which fixes on the wall and leaves the floor beneath it empty. All of these are good in their own way and should be your preferred choice depending on various factors like personal preferences, space available, bathroom layout, etc.

Here in this article, we are discussing BTW toilet style.

Back To Wall Rimless Toilets – What are these?

Its name Back To Wall Rimless Toilets suggests what it’s all about. It simply means that when a user uses the toilet have their back towards the wall. In a traditional setup, the cistern is always on the backside. With this type of toilet, your cistern hides in the furniture set like a vanity unit or in the wall. So, for flushing, you will only need to push a button available either on the backside furniture or wall. In that way, these are similar to the wall hung units, but the difference is that it does not float on the wall but sit on the floor.  The rimless design means is all about the shape of its bowl which does not have rims as the traditional style does. It has various benefits that we will discuss later in this article. 

Back to Wall Rimless Toilets

Reasons To Choose Back to Wall Rimless Toilets

There are various benefits of these types of toilets as discussed as follows.

Clean Look with Hidden Cistern. 

The cistern is inevitably a big part of the toilet that takes considerable space on the floor. If it is visible, then it makes your bathroom look cluttered and full. The modern bathrooms are all about a clean look and minimalist design, where all efforts are made to keep only essential things insight. The BTW style has the cistern that hides in the furniture with the wall or inside the wall. That makes it a perfect choice for a contemporary look. 

Rimless Design – Easier to Clean 

The rimless design of Back To Wall Toilets is a modern feature that makes it keeps the toilet clean. The traditional toilets come with curved sides inside the boil that often become a breeding ground for germs due to inaccessibility. Cleaning it properly is almost impossible. With a rimless design, you have a straight bowl that does not have any corners that can accumulate dirt. So, you can easily and quickly clean it. 

Visually Pleasing Look

Aesthetics has become so important for modern bathrooms that; it can be a reason for choosing or rejecting a toilet. Homeowners now prefer aesthetics as one of the decisive factors. When you don’t want to opt for a more compact wall hung style but still want something that can offer a minimalist look, then BTW style can be the perfect choice for you. It is because it can impart a clean luxurious feel to your space without taking up too much space on the floor. 

Shop for Back to Wall Rimless Toilets from Royal Bathrooms UK

This article has provided an insight into the Back to Wall Rimless Toilets. It is various benefits, but few of them have been discussed here. From the sleek look, easier cleaning design, and beautiful appearance to easier installation, there are many reasons to prefer this style over a traditional style. Do you think it can be a great choice for your washroom? If yes, then why not spend some time exploring various toilet options we have available for you. Royal Bathrooms is a trusted brand that offers high-quality bathroom products at amazing prices. 


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