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Benefits of a Multi-Services On-demand App Solution For Entrepreneurs

Benefits of a Multi-Services On-demand App Solution For Entrepreneurs

Gojek clone app is a hub of 70+ services ranging from as common as booking a taxi ride to the most unique ones like hiring an academic tutor. You must have heard about apps like Uber, Deliveroo, StyleSeat, and others. But, have you ever seen a combination of all into one? I don’t think you’ve ever thought of such a possibility! That is why we are going to talk about the Gojek clone and its benefits to Entrepreneurs!

What is a Gojek Clone App – KINGX 2022?

It is a pre-built solution that allows the app users to book instant doorstep services or schedule them at their preferred location, date, and time. Some of the services that the entrepreneurs can offer on KINGX 2022 are:

  • Wine delivery service
  • Stationery delivery
  • Flower delivery
  • Bottled water delivery
  • Medical marijuana
  • Insurance on-demand
  • Mobile technician
  • Online video consultation with doctors, lawyers, yoga instructors, etc.
  • Service bidding for handyman services


Multiple services

Think about the benefits you’ll get by offering 70+ on-demand services to people. Other apps offer only a couple of services which compels people to download and install different apps for various services. By launching a Gojek clonein your area, the entrepreneurs can enjoy the monopoly of being the only app that offers a cluster of on-demand services that no other app does.

This app is a combination of taxi booking apps, delivery apps, courier services, personal shopping, etc.

More income

With 70+ services within its fold, the app owners will get to earn commission or subscription fees from every single niche! For example, the app owner can rake in 10% commission on every restaurant order that gets placed on the app, 12% commission from every spa therapy session that gets rendered through the app, and so on. Similarly, if the app follows a subscription plan-based mode, the service provider then pays the plan amount at the time of first-time purchase and for renewal afterward!

Moreover, the Gojek clone app owners can also earn some extra cash with third-party advertisements. Third parties pay the app owner to showcase their ads on the app’s home screen for a certain amount of time.

Market share

This app is capable of capturing the whole of the market. Its robust features are meant to make your customer’s lifestyle a lot more convenient while giving higher-income earning opportunities to the local vendors. Such capabilities blended into one makes the app a SUPER APP.

This means that nothing can stand in the way of you becoming the first millionaire in your family.

So, start working on your multi-service on-demand business plan right now!


If you’re planning to launch a Gojek clone KINGX 2022 app, then the first thing you need to do is prepare a Business Plan! Here are the components you need to keep in mind while preparing the plan:

  1. Study the industry thoroughly. For instance, if you’re studying the delivery from stores, shops, malls, and restaurants, then you don’t have to study each and every constituent. Rather study on-demand delivery as the entire subject.
  2. Your marketing strategy
  3. Operational strategy
  4. Financial strategy (most important)


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Gojek Clone App is the best on-demand app that a multi-service business must own. So, get one for yourself today!


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