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Home Business Biggner guide How to Start a YouTube Channel And Get More Views in 2022

Biggner guide How to Start a YouTube Channel And Get More Views in 2022

Biggner guide How to Start a YouTube Channel And Get More Views in 2022

Consider YouTube ads

Accelerate your channel’s growth by implementing an effective strategy for advertising. Alongside naturally marketing your YouTube channel, it is also possible to invest in views on YouTube advertisements to attract and engage more viewers.

Before launching the YouTube advertising campaign, be sure that you know who you wish to connect with. Concentrate on understanding:

Who do you wish to reach? Select the right audience according to demographics, language, and interest. For instance, you could concentrate on young dads between the ages of 28 and 40 who are on the home improvement channels and watch DIY videos.

What subjects are they searching for? With YouTube ads, you will connect with viewers searching for specific topics. Or, you can select the channel or video you wish to display advertisements on.

The place they reside. Consider the geographical area of your audience’s location: country, city, region, or postcode. You can also create an individual site by distance or the point of importance.

Once you’ve identified who you want to reach, you can make a plan for your budget and investigate different formats for ads to get viewers to be more engaged with your content. Although YouTube ads are helpful, they shouldn’t be your main growth driver. They should be used in conjunction with your organic marketing to increase your YouTube visibility.

Examine your results

When you have your channel live, it’s essential to know how well it’s performing. Here are some statistics available in YouTube Analytics:

Watch Time. The estimated amount of time watching your video.

Source of traffic. This shows how viewers discover your videos by showing the various traffic sources along with the number of views per source.

Subscribers rate. This is the number of people you’ve gained or lost per video.

The audience retention. This provides the exact times that people aren’t in your film. This information can determine where you failed to capture a viewer’s interest and what brought them away from the video, which can help you improve the following video.

Comments. On Your views on YouTube Analytics dashboard, you can see who has commented on what content so that you can quickly respond and make your brand appear friendly and accessible.

Find out what success looks like and translate it into the metrics about your business. For instance, if you are interested in knowing how much your viewers engage with your content, look at the time spent watching and determine how many viewers turn into subscribers.

A successful YouTube channel will achieve your objectives as quickly as possible, in line with your plan. Be aware that you might need to refine your channel throughout the process. Check your analytics every month and determine where you can improve the performance of your track.

4 Other tips and tricks to begin YouTube channels YouTube channel

After completing the above steps, you’re well on your way to creating an audience and maximizing the potential of your business on YouTube.

If you’re looking to be a bit adventurous, I’ve compiled some clever views on YouTube tricks that you can apply to boost your subscriber count and increase traffic to your site.

1. Create a watermark

A watermark is excellent for bringing new viewers to your channel and enticing viewers to sign up. The watermarks that you can customize will be overlayed on each one of your uploaded videos and will provide a clear and straightforward way for users to sign up to your channel, allowing them to learn about the latest videos you’ve uploaded (and growing your subscriber base while you’re doing it! ).

Watermarks for YouTube channels.

To add a watermark to your videos, look at your channel’s homepage and click “Video Manager.” This will take users to Creator Studio, in which you’ll be able to gain access to more detailed options on your channel.

Creator Studio on YouTube. If you want more social following click here

When in your Creator Studio, click “Channel” in the sidebar.

Include to your YouTube watermark.

A dropdown will be displayed. Choose “Branding” and then on Add a Watermark. Now you can upload an image that will be displayed in the corners of every video.

2. Set up an automatic subscription request for your YouTube videos

It’s essential to drive users to your views on YouTube channel and encourage them to sign up when they’re there.

Automatic subscription to YouTube.

If you already have a subscriber base, such as those on your mailing list, or social media followers and followers, you could make it simple for them to join your channel. Whenever you promote your channel to them with a “Remember to subscribe!” call to action, add “?sub_confirmation=1” to the end of your channel’s URL, and a pop-up will automatically appear on your track, prompting visitors to subscribe.

3. Link cards for your website

If your YouTube account has been enrolled in the YouTube Partner Program, which currently means that you have at least 1,000 subscribers and more than 4,000 hours of viewing time over the last year, you can include cards in your videos that connect to other websites. If you run a shop and are part of the views on YouTube Partner Program, you can connect your customers directly to your shop and allow them to purchase items used in your videos.

Find out how you can make money from your YouTube efforts by reading the Guide to Making Money on YouTube.

4. Utilize end screens to your advantage

If viewers are done watching until the final part of a video, you’ll want to keep them in the loop and ensure that they don’t quit without subscribing. YouTube can make this a breeze by providing end screen elements that you can overlay over the final twenty-second seconds of the video.

You can also add other videos, a subscribe button, or even a link to a different YouTube channel to keep your viewers interested. This is essential since YouTube’s algorithm is based on your total time watched and the length of time you keep viewers on the platform. Therefore, you should want people to keep watching your videos.

This is how First We Feast sets up its screens at the end to keep you entertained.

Screen to end on YouTube.

It’s linked to a list of videos and a standalone video; both will direct you to a different video to view.

Here’s how you can configure it yourself.

Log into Your Creator Studio and select a video you wish to edit.

In the editor’s main screen, go to the main edit screen, and click “End screens & Annotations” in the upper menu that will bring you to the last screen editing screen.

You’ll be able to add four components to the screen.

YouTube elements.

You’ll notice it’s because the Link option isn’t enabled as, on this trial account, I’m still not an active participant in YouTube’s YouTube Partner Program. Once you’re a part of the program, you can include hyperlinks to your site in your standard final screens.


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