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Home Law <strong><em>Blunders to stay away from in a personal injury claim – Tips shared by experts</em></strong>

Blunders to stay away from in a personal injury claim – Tips shared by experts

<strong><em>Blunders to stay away from in a personal injury claim – Tips shared by experts</em></strong>

They say, ‘to err is human’ but your personal injury claim is certainly not the right place to make mistakes. A car crash can happen anytime due to the fault of another person but you need to be prepared for the consequences. If you can prove that the accident resulted due to the negligence and carelessness of another person, you are entitled to receive full compensation. 

Once you are involved in an accident, your emotions run high and you’re in an utter state of shock and confusion. However, making mistakes due to such a hysteric state of mind is not something feasible when you file a personal injury lawsuit. Let’s discuss the few mistakes that you should avoid in a PI claim. 

Mistake #1: Thinking that litigation is not an affordable option

You have to understand the fact that personal injury attorneys usually work on a contingency fee basis which means they get a certain percentage of the compensation amount you receive. Doesn’t that make it affordable to appoint a lawyer for your case? When he works on contingency, you don’t have to make any advance payments. Your lawyer will only collect a fee when he wins the case for you. 

Mistake #2: Submitting a recorded proof of your accident to the insurance company

Thinking your insurance company to be your friend during times of adversity is probably the biggest blunder committed by a victim. They are mostly concerned about ways in which they can earn their profit from the tragedy that happened with you. If you give a recorded statement of the accident that you met with, they will try to find out loopholes and use them as a piece of evidence to give you less money than what you deserve. 

Mistake #3: Not filing within the given time period

If you’ve been injured due to the carelessness, negligence, and ignorance of another person, you will ideally require several months to recover from that shock and physical injury. Sadly, personal injury victims who get hurt in a car crash or a truck accident get a limited time period to file their claims. This time depends on the state you reside in and the statute of limitations. 

Mistake #4: Not informing the police

After meeting with a car accident, it is best to notify the police, no matter whether the accident was just a small bump that led to negligible injuries. You have to understand that a police accident report and a police statement are critical for your personal injury claim as these injuries may get more critical with time. Even if the other driver who is involved in the accident persuades you to not inform the police, don’t listen to him. 

Fortunately, the majority of the drivers involved in accidents can successfully settle their personal injury claims outside court and way before it reaches the court. Nevertheless, if the at-fault party doesn’t compensate you, you should hire a personal injury lawyer to get favorable results.


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