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Branding Tips for your Private Label CBD Manufacturer

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Private label manufacturing is very much in vogue. It is a concept where the product is manufactured by a private label company and sold by the brand-owning company. In other words, the manufacturing part is sub-contracted to another facility where manufacturing, packaging, and branding are taken care of, in line with inputs and guidelines from the brand owner. 

What if you have a CBD Supplements Business in Mind?

To start with, it is indeed a very good idea. CBD and hemp products do not contain THC. THC is the psychoactive compound that is derived from cannabis and is responsible for causing the “stoned” impact or the hallucinogenic effects of cannabis compounds. Since CBD does not generate this sensation it is being highly favored as recreational and medicinal supplements. 

However, it is important to understand that regulations are still there and they keep changing and evolving pretty consistently. Safe production and seamless selling of CBD products require the support of third-party manufacturers like private label Nutraceuticals. It is the responsibility of the seller and producer to ensure compliance with state rules and laws. The brand owner and the private label supplement manufacturing company should work hand in hand to represent the brand in a compliant and attractive manner. 

Branding and Labelling

Once the manufacturing norms have been catered to, there are other aspects like pricing, packaging, and branding that need to be taken care of. Be it a private label chocolate, a pill that works like a supplement, or gummies for recreational purpose, branding, and positioning has to be done perfectly, for each. Creating labels for supplements is an important part of the branding exercise. Here are some facts to keep in mind for creating the perfect labels. 

Perfect Labels for your CBD Products

  • Usage: The product label should tell the user what kind of CBD formulation it is.  Is it a medicinal supplement or a dietary medicine? Legalities concerning the product will depend on the nature of the compound. There are a separate set of rules for supplements and for medicines. The information therefore should be clearly mentioned on the labels so that legal norms can be strictly adhered to.  
  • The CBD Content in the Product: There will be a nutritional fact panel on the label and the CBD content for each serving will have to be mentioned in it. Buyers should have a specific idea of the amount, without which they may not feel confident enough to buy. 
  • Total Amount: The makers will need to know exactly how much CBD is contained in the package. Net weight and counts are facts that need to be mentioned on the packaging clearly. Brands need to refer to their federal or local guidelines for ensuring complete compliance. 
  • Item Description in Full Accuracy: Every bit of essential information should be mentioned on the label. Transparency should be the key factor, especially when dealing with products that may come under regulation. The more transparency, the greater would be the trust. 

Essentially, the label should not include any unproven claims or gassy jargon. It is the truth that will stand the test of time and cut market clutters in the long run. 


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