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Calligraphy Pen Sets

Calligraphy Pen Sets

Calligraphy pens consist of different pens having distinctly shaped nibs with special handles. This handle is normally made of metal, plastic, bone, glass or wood. Few of the nibs have an ink reservoir that is permanently attached where as others have a slide-in version. Most of the calligraphers like to use a metal nib for their calligraphy pen because they can use a different range of inks mixed to different consistencies and colors. One piece of useful equipment that most of the calligraphers overlook, but which is an important part for all calligraphers, is the pen holder.

These handles are made of plastic or wood with a very delicate and rare Venetian glass alternative often attached to the metal armature. Whenever you choose a calligrapher Los Angeles , you consider a number of aspects that are necessary, which include the barrel and the mechanism that holds the different nibs. Some of the sizes of these nibs vary and so they may not fit the specific pen holders. The girth and weight of a pen barrel will ultimately affect how easily you hold the pen. Few of the plastic shafts are very smooth and sometimes slippery when you use it for a very long time, causing a lot of stress on your hands when the grip becomes tight.

Some of the calligraphers tend to buy a pen holder

With a grooved rubber grip or cork rapping at the point where their finger grips the nib. It usually depends on the calligrapher, as they may not understand how they feel about a specific nib until they start to feel it in their hands. Some of the calligraphers like to have a heavy instrument where as others may prefer to want a light instrument allowing them to feel the tip more intensely. Whenever you buy a calligraphy pen set, the calligraphy pen holder is always included with this set. You basically don’t have to use the same handle that comes with this calligraphy pen set.

You may want to purchase a separate pen holder to try your hand at calligraphy.

 However, one good idea is to use the same nibs that come with the calligraphy pen set. As mentioned, few of the handles fit a particular owner from the same manufacturer. For example, Pelican nibs are usually used with the pen holders produced by Pelican due to its complicated nature of connection that involves small sized metal hooks and tongues that relate to each other. In the event that there is a device to grip the lead barrel, then you must ensure that this device fits perfectly without any movement. A wobbly handle will usually not be conducive to making clear crisp straight strokes.

You should also check that the pen sits easily in alignment with the pen holder.

If there is any misalignment, it will prove to be distracting for you. Calligraphy pens are generally not high-priced instruments. They are equipped with few high quality nibs and its simple handle will be as effective as the fancy and expensive pen holder. If you are an avid artist, buy a calligraphy pen and get hooked on this exquisite art of writing.

Over the past few years, a new creative style has gained popularity in the field of visual arts. More and more artists tried their hand at the art of “Calligraphy”. But this visual art actually comes from ancient history where ancestors used this as their style of writing. Today, calligraphy is known as the design and execution of letters that turn basic words into a creative visual of lines, curves and strokes

Not only is calligraphy now a passion for many art lovers, but it is also an income opportunity for many. With the right execution calligraphic illustrations are a beauty. This art form can be illustrated on almost anything product packaging, billboards, merchandise, signage, logos, and much more.

If you love art, then learning calligraphy may come naturally.

There are many programs that can help you, there are online video tutorials and self-study articles to help you achieve. Here are some quick steps to get you started.

Study the art

Like any visual art form, practice makes perfect. No degree is required to practice and learn this art. But taking some formal study courses will definitely help you. Try to get your hands on software tools and even physical equipment like those broad tipped pens and brushes and just keep your creativity flowing and practice lettering. In art, there are no boundaries. So just keep writing, keep doodling, go online and get inspired by Truly Madly Ink Calligraphy & On-Site Engravingread art magazines and have fun with it.

In the field of arts much is mastered by self-study and practice. Take the guidance of experts, get guidance from professionals and then apply what you have learned and keep doing it.


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