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Ceramic Coating: Is it really worth it?

Ceramic Coating: Is it really worth it?

Ceramic coatings are the “next generation of paint protection” when it comes to car maintenance. Ceramic coatings can be applied by hand. They are liquid polymers that form a semi-permanent seal with the vehicle’s paint. This makes it easier to clean up and protects it from contaminants. Is ceramic coating really worth the effort? Is it able to do everything it claims? Today’s post will break it down for you so stay with us until the end!

You love your car and want it to look as good as it did the day it was bought. Do you remember that glossy, fresh-out-of-the-showroom look that was catching looks on the street? We are sure you do. The shiny appearance and the new car smell are the main reasons people buy a car. How can you make them last longer?

Detailing products can make your car look even better than it did the day you bought it. What makes a ceramic coating worthwhile? This is especially true when compared with the wax that most car owners are used too.

Do your research before you invest time or money in a detailed product. You can be sure you won’t be disappointed by the final results if you have a good understanding of what each product does.

Ceramic coatings are a common topic in the detailing industry. You can find claims about these paint sealants on blogs, websites of coating companies, forums, and customer reviews. While some people love ceramic coatings and have nothing to complain about them, others are less enthusiastic.

What is the truth?

Let’s start by looking at the ingredients of these paint sealant products before we decide if ceramic coating is worth it.

What are Ceramic Coatings?

Ceramic coatings, a type of liquid polymer with silica or silicon dioxide (SiO2), are based on technology from NASA. It sounds pretty cool, right? If you’re still unsure if ceramic coating is worth the effort, NASA has an answer.

Chemical compositions can be confusing if you have not taken chemistry classes, as many of us did. Here’s a better explanation of SiO2’s composition in ceramic coatings.

Ceramic coatings are made up of SiO2. Silica, which is made from quartz crystals and sand, is a combination of two natural materials: silicon and oxygen. This can be combined with other elements such as titanium dioxide, polysilazane and triethanolamine to create a resilient coating. This liquid coating is what we call ceramic coating. Ceramic coatings can be applied to a hard surface and form a paint protection film. This helps keep the surface looking great for several weeks.

Look at the silica content of DIY ceramic coatings to find the best. Do not be deceived into believing that more ingredients are better. This is an important point: ceramic coating resistance is only as good as silica. Formulas will be stronger if they contain more SiO2.

Nexgen Ceramic spray is the only non-professional product to have impressed us with its SiO2 concentration. The high SiO2 content is evident. Nexgen has the highest silicon dioxide content available on the market. 13%! Pretty impressive, huh?

For now, let’s just talk about Nexgen. Let’s not get into the debate about ceramic coatings being worth it. Instead, let’s look at some of the benefits that speak for themselves.

Ceramic Coatings are Incredibly Resistant

After it hardens, true ceramic forms strong chemical bonds with the vehicle’s surface. It is impossible to remove the ceramic once it has dried. Even though Nexgen is a DIY detailing product it can provide protection for up to 6 months even in extreme weather conditions. It is 4x more durable than any other ceramic sprays available, and its durability is easily comparable with professional products.

Protection Against Pollutants

Pollutants are a major problem facing our society. Pollutants are not only dangerous for our health, but can also cause damage to our cars. High quality ceramic coatings can protect your car from harmful chemicals and pollutants such as gasoline, brake fluid, generic cleaners, and other liquids.

They provide a “just-out-of-the-showroom shine”

You 6 Steps to Wash & clean your car every day, but it still doesn’t shine like new. Are you passionate about cars? Do you enjoy driving them, admiring their beauty and dreaming of buying the latest model? You probably already know that nothing can beat the new shiny appearance of a car.

Ceramic coatings might be worth a try if your car is lacking that shine in the sun that it had when you first saw it. Ceramic coated vehicles have a glossy/wet appearance that’s usually only available to new cars.

Keep Your Coat Cleaner for a Longer Time

Even if you use the most expensive ceramic products, your car detailing will still get dirty. This doesn’t mean you won’t have to wash your car again after applying a ceramic coating. It will just make cleaning up much easier and less labor-intensive. A ceramic coating won’t allow dirt and water to stick to your car’s paint, but it doesn’t mean you don’t need to wash it.

A ceramic coating can help speed up cleaning. The ceramic coating will not stick to dirt, pollen, pollen, bird droppings and other contaminants.

Protects Your Vehicle From The Sun

All car owners know that sunlight can cause severe damage to car paint. Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause oxidization and fade of automobile paint. This can make your car look older and more worn than it is. Although it is possible to prevent sun damage by placing your car in a garage or shaded area, this is not always feasible. A luxurious ceramic coating can be applied to your vehicle to protect it.

Are you wondering if ceramic coatings are worth the investment? Ceramic coatings are an important final step in protecting car paint from sun damage. Ceramic coatings offer an extra layer of protection that will protect your car’s paint and finish.

Protects Against Bird Poo and Tree Sap

You think that tree sap or bird poop are safe? You might be wrong! If not removed as soon as possible, these pesky substances could cause damage to your car’s paint. Both of these substances are natural but they can cause damage to your car’s paint if left untreated.

The affected areas will appear like dull water spots. However, underneath, sap and bird poo can eat away at the protective layer. Paint can crack, flake or rust.

Inferior Cleaning Strategies in The Future

Are you tempted to wash your car in an automated car wash? We are sure you know how damaging these automatic car washes can be to your car. We also know how addictive these auto washes can become, especially if you’re in a rush to clean your car. They are a time-saver and a hassle-free option that many car owners use often. What is the problem with automated car washes? The main problem is the lack of proper brush maintenance.

Automated machines can cause swirl marks, which are hundreds of micro-scratches on your car.

The paint will become duller over time as the damage accumulates. Paint correction is a method that removes swirl marks from the surface of the paint. This involves cutting the paintwork to level it. Paint correction can be very expensive and only one coat of clear coat can correct it. Although it is not scratch-proof, a high-quality ceramic coating such as Nexgen or Turque Detail can reduce swirl marks.

Keep in mind that professional and DIY ceramic coatings are meant to protect the surface from future damage. They are not invincible. The nanotechnology can penetrate imperfections and scratches in porous materials but they cannot fill them.

You don’t need to use car wax or any other detailing products

Many people ask us if wax can be applied over ceramic coating. Our answer is always the exact same. Yes, it is possible. Is it worth the effort? It doesn’t matter what you want, extra shine or protection from paint imperfections. Any wax will not do any good. Contrary. Wax attracts dirt, dust, tree sap and pollen, which causes them to stick to the car’s surface. This results in a car that is more dirty.

Basic maintenance and the application of a second coat of ceramic on top are the best ways to protect the coating.

Ceramic Coatings can be applied to most surfaces

Ceramic coatings are known for their versatility. These products can be used on any painted surface, including trim, fiberglass, vinyl wraps and wheels. They also work well with chrome, chrome, glass, and the liner of truck bed beds.

Prevent Hard Water Spots

High-quality ceramic coatings have hydrophobic water behavior, meaning water beads on the surface and runs off the car. How does this happen? Both graphene and ceramic ceramic coatings contain a resin system, the binder, and the backbone. This mechanism provides protection for both water and minerals.

Are you wondering why water is so hazardous? We use water to wash our cars. Yes, and no. Water can cause severe damage to your car, especially if it comes in the form hard water or acid rain. Let’s explain what is actually happening. Water particles that remain on the paint surface eventually evaporate. Salt, dirt, and minerals are what is left behind when evaporation occurs. These deposits soon solidify and etch the paintwork.

Ceramic paint protection is hydrophobic and helps repel water spots that can appear on your windows and paint. The ceramic coating’s hydrophobic qualities help to keep cars clean longer, shed water more quickly and efficiently, and allow for easy car washing.

There are so many positive things to discuss, you will probably feel convinced that ceramic coating is worthwhile. Let’s not forget that there are always flaws in the world. So let’s find out if there are any reductions in ceramic coatings. While we don’t have too many negative things to share, there are some aspects that you need to consider.

Long Preparation Time

Ceramic coatings can be difficult to apply by car owners who are not familiar with the process. If you want your ceramic coating to last longer and look better, it is important to prepare your vehicle well. Even if the exterior appears perfect, this applies to new cars as well.

The paint surface must be clean and free from contaminants or blemishes before you apply the ceramic coating. A multi-stage paint correction includes more than just washing the car. Claying and buffing are also included.

Keep The Paint Pure

Another aspect that can cause headaches for most people is maintaining the paint in perfect condition until coating. If you don’t have an indoor facility, this can be very difficult.

Pay Attention to How You Apply It

It is not easy to apply the coat. Incorrect coatings can lead to high spots that need to be buffed out.

What Every Car Owner Must Know About Professional vs. DIY Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic coatings can be costly so it is important to understand that not all coatings are the same. Some ceramic coatings are only for professionals and require a skilled detailer to apply them. Others can be applied by anyone with a little training.

Professional-Grade Ceramic Coatings

Professional coatings are more durable than DIY kits. They must also be applied by licensed professionals. These coatings are more costly and require specialized equipment. Apart from this, ceramic coatings require some preparation before they can be applied. Professionals will spend a lot of time doing this work, which includes scrubbing the surfaces, microfiber polishing, isopropyl alcohol spraying and cleaning.

A professional ceramic coating can take between 5 and 7 days to install because it must be baked with UV light. This time period can vary depending on the car’s paint condition and its surface.

Professional detailers offer a warranty on how long professional ceramic coatings last. Generally, this is between 5 and 7 year.

DIY Ceramic Coatings

A DIY kit is a great alternative to professional ceramic coatings for car owners who don’t have the budget or are unable to afford them. It can work almost as well as professional products, but at a fraction of the cost and takes less time.

You don’t have to be afraid of applying a ceramic coating because you don’t know how. With a little bit of training and knowledge, anyone can apply a ceramic coating. This topic has been covered in a blog article. Check it out to see how simple ceramic coating is.

Do you consider DIY ceramic coating? Is it worth the effort? It is important to choose the best DIY ceramic coatings products to get the best results. Nexgen Ceramic Spray, a professional-grade seal, is the best choice. It has the highest SiO2 formula and offers professional-quality results. It is also one of the most efficient on the market, and a small amount goes a long ways!

How long does ceramic coating last?

Ceramic coatings can be removable, but this is not the case. Technically, even professional ceramic coatings that last 5 years are not guaranteed. This is because they are based on many factors. The fact is that the protection of your vehicle will be destroyed by sun, dirt, slat and other environmental factors as long as it’s not kept in a garage.

The location factor should also be considered. It is one thing to live in Southern California and drive your car in a climate with little humidity, bugs, salt, or rain. It’s quite different if you live somewhere with extreme weather conditions like North Dakota or Alaska.

A professional ceramic coating will last between 1 and 5 years. Some ceramic coatings can last up to 7 years, but these will require maintenance at least once per year. It all comes down to how well you take care of your vehicle.

Professional coatings have one major problem: even though you may see some areas of the ceramic coating starting to fade, it is impossible to repair them yourself. You will need to take the job to the professional who applied it.

What about DIY kits? Are these ceramic coatings worth the effort?

Ceramic coatings made by yourself will last less than professional ones. They will allow you to be more creative and will not require you to spend as much money.

Nexgen Ceramic Spray is our favorite product. It can last between 6-12 months. These layers will protect your vehicle and prolong the life of the coating.

What Does it Cost to Get Your Car Ceramic Coated

There are many ceramic coatings available for both DIY and professional use. The price can vary too.

You can expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $3,000. If you are looking for professional ceramic coatings. The size of your vehicle and the quality of the ceramic coating you receive will determine the price. It also depends on your dealer’s reputation. A brand new vehicle will cost less to coat than a larger, older vehicle that requires more extensive paint corrections.

You should also keep in mind the hidden costs of taking your car to a professional. You might not be aware of all the preparation work involved in the cost. Sometimes, the specialist may not be able to tell you exactly what the process will involve. If the body has been oxidized, it might be necessary to correct the paint. This could significantly increase the initial cost.

Prices for DIY ceramic coating kits start at $20 and can go up to $150 for the more expensive ones. This option is something we love if you have read the entire post, as well as our reviews and articles. You can be sure that quality products such as Nexgen and Torque Detail will deliver results comparable to professional ones but at a fraction of the cost.

It all depends on how big your car is. The DIY ceramic coating kit can take anywhere from 4-8 hours to set up. A DIY ceramic coating can save you up to $1000 compared to professional services and provide better results. This is only possible if you have the ability to do the pre-work and the motorized detailing capability.

Ceramic Coating: Is it worth it? Overview

We hope you’re still unsure if ceramic coating is worth the investment.

Cars must withstand a variety of damage, including scratches and dirt and dust contamination. A ceramic coating layer provides a strong protective shield for your vehicle from any foreign matter. This will prevent damage and ensure that your vehicle is able to withstand extreme conditions.

The simplest explanation of ceramic coatings is:

  • Long-lasting
  • Innovative
  • Clean your car more easily
  • Do not require additional products to be included
  • These kits can be very cost-effective, especially if you choose a DIY one.

We hope you find our article informative and useful. If you would like our professional opinion, we have tried and compared almost every detailing product on the market. We believe DIY ceramic coatings are worth it. Give them a shot and let us know what you think.

You might also find other interesting articles on this site. To help you make informed decisions, we’ve also reviewed the best car detailing products available.


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