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Chemical Facial Peel Treatment


Facial peels use a combination of natural ingredients or chemicals to peel the outer layers of damaged skin away and replace them with new, younger-looking, and healthier skin.

Reasons why chemical peels are good for you

The side effects of a peel depend on the strength of the peel. Chemical facial peels come in mild and medium. Milder peels can be noticeable after one session. Redness and swelling are minor after-effects that you may experience after treatment.

Here are reasons why facial issues require chemical peel such as;

Reduction of wrinkles

One common reason patients get a chemical peel is to reduce fine lines and wrinkles that appear due to aging. Our effective chemical peel can be used on the face, neck, or hands.

A chemical solution is applied to the skin for a superficial chemical peel that makes it form a large blister. Eventually, the outermost layer peels away, and the dull outer layer is replenished with smoother and youthful skin.

Reduces sun damage

Chemical peels remove wrinkles and spots caused by sun damage. Exposure to UV rays from the sun speeds up skin aging. You don’t have to worry about this because you can use a superficial chemical peel to reverse those effects to get a more youthful glow.

Removes blemishes

Medium chemical peels help with dark spots, freckles, and dark patches to even out your skin and remove hyperpigmentation. The light chemical peel reaches only the epidermis; a medium chemical peel reaches the superficial layer of the dermis. You get glowing and even-toned skin with all spots and blemishes cleared from your face.

Reduces acne scars

No one likes acne scars, especially if you’re beauty conscious and like your skin spotless.

A superficial or medium chemical peel can help remove acne scars. You can choose from a variety of chemical peel treatments in Calgary. Exfoliate your skin with this to sweep dead skin cells on the surface. Removing the outer layer promotes your skin’s ability to produce collagen, a structural protein that helps fill in your acne scars. Our peel will even unclog pores to help prevent future breakouts from occurring.

Maintenance of healthy skin

Getting a facial is one of the best ways to pamper yourself. Whether you get a facial to improve your skin’s texture or tackle acne, nothing beats the after-effects of professional facial treatments in Calgary. You may not get the same quality of service at home. This is why it’s always a good idea to have sessions. We have different facials targeted at skin textures and facial issues. Our OxyGeneo facials reduce pores, improve hyperpigmentation, help with skin texture, and hydrate the skin to prevent acne and other skin issues. Effects from treatments can last for several weeks or even months. We ensure you get value for your money.

Get treatments to purify your skin and keep it fresh. Book a consultation with our skin experts on our website or through calls for your skin concerns. We are at your service.


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