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Comparison Of Naver Sports Broadcasting Contents VS Other Broadcasting Contents

Comparison Of Naver Sports Broadcasting Contents VS Other Broadcasting Contents
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Next, we looked at the effect of sports broadcasting on strengthening the video-first strategy of mobile portal sites. As mobile video is gradually becoming a familiar viewing method, it is very important to secure killer content that attracts users’ interest and generates traffic.

When looking at the proportion of viewing time between real-time sports, non-real-time entertainment, and non-real-time dramas, which are the top 3 types of viewing by genre that occupy the top 3 consumption of broadcast content watched on Naver, real-time sports occupies 52% or more of half. The proportion of real-time sports viewing time differs slightly by age. Teenagers have the highest proportion of non-real-time entertainment, while users in their 20s, 30s, and 40s increase the proportion of real-time sports to more than 40%. , Real-time sports account for close to 80% of users in their 50s and 60s. This shows that real-time sports is one of the most popular mobile video contents along with entertainment programs among the age group in their 20s and 30s, and in particular, it is a content that attracts more middle-aged and older people who mainly consume broadcast contents on TV.

In addition, 68% of people who watched live 스포츠중계 also consumed additional non-real-time videos such as match highlight. This can be seen that sports broadcasting not only generate traffic during the game, but also cause a window effect of secondary consumption through re-edited broadcasting after the game. The window effect refers to the economic effect that occurs when a single content is distributed through various channels. Although it can be said that real-time viewing is more valuable than any other genre of sports broadcasting, non-real-time videos such as game highlights are repeatedly viewed. The fact that there are many viewers who watch sports shows that the vitality of the content of sports broadcasting is not short by any means. By watching the re-edited broadcast, the immersion in the game is higher for existing viewers, and non-viewers can create anticipation for the next game, which can act as a motivation for watching the real-time broadcast for both existing viewers and non-viewers. In other words, sports broadcasting can be said to be valuable as content that creates a virtuous cycle of video traffic, crossing real-time and non-real-time.

Effect of Naver sports broadcasting contents on increase of Naver App activity Finally, the effect of sports broadcasting on increase of activity of mobile portal site application was investigated. As a result of comparing the average activity of the ‘Naver’ App by dividing the people who watched broadcast content on the ‘Naver’ App into those who have watched real-time sports broadcasts and those who have never watched it, the people who have watched real-time sports broadcasts Compared to those who have never watched this episode, the time spent using the app and the number of executions were higher. This shows that viewers of real-time sports broadcasts tend to stay longer and access the ‘Naver’ app more often.

Summary and Implications

Mobile portal sites can induce watching mobile videos through sports broadcasts and create a virtuous cycle of video traffic that crosses real-time and non-real-time. In addition, as entertainment content with both entertainment and information properties, it is driving the increase in the activity of portal site apps. Therefore, the value of sports broadcasting content for mobile portal sites is being proven through traffic generation and thus monetization potential.

The value of sports broadcasting as media content is not limited to portal sites. In the case of Korea, online sports broadcasting has been conducted mainly on portal sites so far, but new competitors such as Facebook Live and Twitch are gradually appearing. Social media provides a social viewing experience through real-time sharing and user-to-user interaction, and online streaming sites emphasize high-quality streaming technology and convenience as strengths. Therefore, in the future competition between domestic and foreign services over online sports broadcasting, securing competitive factors unique to domestic portal sites is deduced as a major task.


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