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Create an Instagram Stories ad that is effective

Create an Instagram Stories ad that is effective

8 Tips To Create an Instagram Stories ad that is effective

Even though it’s just one year older, Instagram Stories has already gained around 250 million active daily users. That’s more users who use Instagram Stories than use all of Snapchat. Instagram announced earlier in the year that all companies would be given the capability to make Instagram Stories-related advertisements.

To fully comprehend and develop compelling Instagram stories, brands need to use the best Instagram analytics tool available.

Today, brands such as TD Bank, Reebok, National Geographic, and Disney use Instagram Stories to reach out to their target audiences in a new method. Since Facebook controls Instagram, marketers can access an extensive set of information about their audience’s behaviour, which makes it easy to develop an efficient Instagram Stories-related ad campaign.

If you’re thinking of starting an advertising campaign using Stories, Here are eight essential tips that the most successful Instagram advertisers use to achieve significant business results.



Instagram Stories are posted within the flash of an eye and end after 24 hours of being seen. To ensure that you convey your message, the message you are sending out in the Instagram Stories ad must remain clear and straight to the point.

Consider an example like Peel (above) to find inspiration. The advertisement has an unambiguous message and an appealing visual that brings to the heart of the ad. In addition, the marketers at Peel used their Instagram Stories content feature. The advertisement can be directed to the Peel online store when you swipe up.

2. Make use of Facebook-powered targeting

As we mentioned previously, Instagram Stories ads are controlled by The Facebook Ads Manager. This is excellent news for Instagram advertisers since it means that you’ll be able to access detailed geographical and demographic information that will allow you to pinpoint and target the ideal target audience.

Instagram marketers can target users according to age, geographical location, Instagram accounts followed, interest, education, or work history (among many other areas).


Although Instagram Stories ads are effective, integrating them into a more extensive cross-platform campaign is the most effective way to make an ROI-driven initiative. In the following example, TD Bank uses a specifically targeted geographical Instagram Stories ad to advertise an upcoming event for experiential marketing held within New York City.

Like Peel, TD Bank encourages users to swipe to learn more about the forthcoming event.


Retargeting ads employ an embedded tracking pixel within your site’s brand to track website visitors who visited your site but didn’t perform what they were looking for.

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Marketers can use Retargeting Instagram Stories adverts to remind an audience to engage with your brand. Because this advertising platform allows users to access a branded website (via simply a swipe), Instagram Stories can be an ideal choice for retargeting ads.

5. Utilise FOMO to create a feeling of URGENCY

FOMO, which means “fear of missing out,” is a highly effective marketing strategy that works in many contexts. This tactic may be particularly effective for Instagram Stories. Because the platform is inherently temporary, users are drawn to engage with Stories as they wish to stay on top of the most recent trends. CrossFit and its premier sponsor, Reebok, created an Instagram Stories ad using FOMO in the following example.

The slogan “It’s back…for a limited time” is an excellent piece of advertising that creates a sense of urgency among interested customers.

6. Follow OTHER Brands to get the best Practices

Pablo Picasso said, “Good artists borrow. In the case of Instagram Stories, companies like Nike and National Geographic have a mastery of the platform.


Recent surveys of marketing professionals found that over 90% of respondents think influencer marketing is successful. Working with an influencer to produce compelling Instagram Stories content can be an excellent option for your business to create an impressive advertisement.

If you’re considering the use of influencers in your marketing, keep in mind that each audience is unique. An Instagram influencer that appeals to the members of Generation Z will likely fall short of having an impact on the senior business elite such as.

If you’re successful in finding an influencer who aligns with your intended market, an advertisement featuring the influencer’s work, accompanied by an “organic” promotion from the influencer’s channel, could create an impressive buzz among those within your target market.

8. Complaining WRITE and Complimentary Copy

Although many consider Instagram a strictly visual platform, it’s essential to write compelling content to complement images. This is especially true for posting organic content to your brand’s profile or creating your own Instagram Story ad.

Check out National Geographic’s advertisements for inspiration. The brand has done an excellent job creating compelling captions for posts they share on Instagram.



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