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Do I require a visa to travel Israel?


In general, citizens of all foreign countries will apply for an entry visa to travel to Israel while several countries are released from visa requirements. Be sure to check online whether you need an entry visa to visit Israel before contacting the official diplomatic mission.

Israeli visa type

Israeli visa type is widely categorized as an immigration visa, temporary resident visa A/1, A/2 student visa, A/3 clergy visa, visa A/4 for couples and children, B/1 work visa, work holiday visa, B/ 2 Visa visitors and US investor visas. A single or double entry visa distinguishes the term staying from the holder.

Visa type C (short -term stay)

Short -term visa is issued for a predetermined period in accordance with the applicant’s request for staying that does not exceed 90 days.

Israeli tourist visa

Israel B/2 Visitor Visa is issued for foreigners who want to travel to the country for tourism and entertainment purposes. This gives travelers to stay in Israel for up to three months. Tourism visas can be obtained from diplomatic missions that are passed in the country of the Petitioner. If you have expired passport must apply for passport renewal.

Israeli visa for business and fair visits

B/2 Visa visitors are given to foreign nationals who want to enter the country for business reasons. Tourists can stay in Israel for only up to three months. Chinese citizens meet the requirements to get a B/2 entry visa with a Chinese passport visa because it remains not exceeding 90 days in line with a bilateral agreement made between China and Israel. This visa is valid for ten years.

Israeli visa for visits to family, relatives and friends

Travel to Israel by a third citizen with the intention of visiting the family, relatives or friends under the visa category of B/2 visitors who allow holders to visit the country after submitting a valid invitation.

Israeli Visa for Culture, Sports Activities and Participation for Conferences

Tourists from a third country who want to visit Israel to participate with cultural or sports events can apply to visitor visas B/2 as well. The priest who wants to take part in cylindrical activities in the religious community they must get A/3 visa that can be ratified solely by the Ministry of the Interior.

Israeli visa for short -term education and training

Foreign citizens who want to visit Israel for short -term education or training objectives can also apply to visitor visa B/2. Visa visitors allow holders to stay in Israel for up to three months. Those who want to travel to Israel for a long time must get a student visa/2.

Visa type D (long -term stay)

The long -term visa gives the holder the right to enter Israel for a period that extends 90 days Foreign students who want to study in Israeli educational institutions must get a student visa/2. Visas are given for a maximum of one year with several possibilities.


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