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Eating well, the best recipe to run better

Eating well, the best recipe to run better

Sounds familiar to you, I know. All amateur athletes are interested in knowing what to eat before and after training.

Recipes, thousand. It is enough to go online to realize that thousands of runners devour articles with the purpose of improving their performance or losing the kilos that slow down their performance.

After reading and interviewing experts, the conclusion is this: the difference between high-performance amateur runners and the rest of us mortals who go running is not in what we eat before, during or after training. The competitive advantage is that some understand that nutrition has a real bearing on performance, results and resilience.

Among the experts there is a resistance to giving magic formulas.

 Except one: consult a good nutritionist. That specialist should tell you how to eat to run taking into account the intensities and your physical needs.

You have to take into account the body structure and energy reserve of each athlete. From there and from the variables of time and intensity of training, what should be consumed is calculated”, says Arturo Hoyos, nutritionist at the National University , ISAK Level 2 certified anthropometrist and advisor to elite and Olympic athletes.

Hoyos indicates that, regardless of the time or the intensity, you have to have something for breakfast, put energy into the machine.And what about that fasting that burns more fat and promotes resistance? “It is not true. The body needs some energy to activate itself after so many hours without eating”, says the expert.

The myth that training fasted improves fat burning is false

Along the same lines is Diana Lozano, Coldeportes Methodologist and director of the BeneFIT Running Team. “The myth that training fasted improves fat burning is false. Skipping breakfast can have consequences for your performance and your body. Complying with a volume of loads that are not nutritionally addressed does have an impact,” says Lozano. And it is that not meeting those nutritional needs can lead to chronic fatigue, overload injuries and inability to recover what was lost. Thus, instead of advancing in their goals, the ‘runners’ stagnate or go backwards.

Will Vargas, director of GoodWill Runners and PATCO certified trainer for marathons and triathlons, sets a middle ground. “Fasting depends on each person.There are some who can ‘drag’ food from the night before and that leads the body to draw energy from fat accumulated in the body , ” 안전놀이터

But, he clarifies, that is an option, as long as there is supervision

 by the nutritionist and the coach because “for athletes with certain levels of hypoglycemia or sensitivity to low blood sugar, it could be counterproductive. The ideal is to eat something nutritious that activates the organism, that signals the brain that there is glucose available, gasoline to start, ”he says.


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