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Electric Collar For Dogs, What Are They? They’re safe?

Electric Collar For Dogs, What Are They? They’re safe?
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The electric collar for dogs aims to correct unwanted behaviors, such as the dog running away, barking uncontrollably or pulling on the leash during walks.

Next, we explain how the electric collar for dogs works:

·         Electric collar for dogs with remote control

These collars are made up of a receiver, which is adjusted to the dog by means of the collar, and a remote control or transmitter that transmits a radio signal to the receiver, thus activating the my dog training collar mode. The range of this signal varies depending on the brand and model.

Depending on the training mode they can be:

·         Shock collar for dogs

It works by means of static electrical impulses, but it contains only volts and not amps. It is not, therefore, a harmful electric shock, but something more similar to the cramp we feel when closing a car door, or shaking hands with someone.

These electric shock collars for dogs are especially useful for larger and stronger breeds of dogs or those that are not very sensitive. Its intensity is regulated by levels, which allows you to find the optimal level for your pet without causing any pain.

Later we will explain how to find this optimal level.

·         Corrective collar for dogs by vibration

The operation is similar to the current collar for dogs, but the correction is made by vibration, similar to what your mobile does when you are called.

The intensity level is also configurable, in order to find the optimal level.

It is generally less effective than the electric shock collar on less sensitive breeds, but since they now exist with up to 100 intensity levels it is usually sufficient to train many breeds.

·         Dog training collars with sound

The operation consists of the emission of a beep, when the dog needs a correction. They generally don’t work as an effective training measure by themselves, but they are the first step you should use when you start training. This is explained in detail later.

·         Electric collar for training spray dogs

The operation is similar to the previous ones with the difference that the correction is made by spray.

This means that the collar instead of emitting an impulse or vibration, when activated, a dose of odorless, colorless and harmless spray for the animal is triggered, letting your dog know that he must rectify his behavior. They are also known as remote controlled bark collars or citronella collars.

The use of these collars is becoming less frequent and currently vibration and shock collars have gained ground.

·         Best dog training collars

Currently, most remote control dog training collars usually include the first three training modes in the same collar, impulses, vibration and sound. Depending on the characteristics of the dog, you may need one mode or another.

Dog training collar without remote control

It is known as an anti-bark collar. It is used to prevent the barking of dogs. These collars include a sensor that is activated by the sound that the dog emits when barking, through the vibration of its vocal cords.

These types of collars are especially effective in cases of excessive barking because they send the correction to your dog right at that moment. As they do not require a remote control, they are especially effective when you are not at home.

Currently, all quality collars have modes that transmit extremely low sensations to your dog when he needs a behavior correction, in the case of collars with stimulation or vibration training mode.

Electronic training collars are safe and harmless, as long as they are of good quality and the person in charge of the training is trained.

It is also essential to read the instructions for use before use.

Many dog ​​trainers and veterinarians recommend them. The sensation that your dog receives with the collar is not painful, it simply puts them on notice.


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