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Ethics in Dissertation Defense Every One Must Take Care Of

Ethics in Dissertation Defense Every One Must Take Care Of

A Dissertation Defense is a platform that permits the student to appear before the professor’s panel to defend their piece of research. A panel of professors asked different questions from the student. It is an interview-based meeting of a panel of professors and students based on a question-answer session. Following the interview, the professors collectively decide whether to allow this research to get published or not. The professors have the authority to ask for changes and corrections in the transcript of the study.

The duration of the defense is not fixed or obvious. It may change from one student to another. The duration of the defense varies from one hour to two hours. However, it can be less than none hour, or it may exceed the duration of two hours. It is the final stage of academic work. The student must be well prepared to ensure that the student can defend all of the chapters included in the dissertation. The student must have a logical reason to define and explain the thesis statement.

Dissertation Defense

There is a set pattern that may be used in the Defense. The procedure is explained in the following.

  • Firstly, the student needs to explain the introduction to the selected topic of the study.
  • In the second step, the student needs to explain the literature review usage in the study. The study’s literature review will help analyse other scholars’ work in the same subject area.
  • In the third step, the student will explain the research methodology. The student must also provide some logical reason to adopt a specific research methodology plan.
  • In the fourth stage, the student will explain the findings and discussion sections. While discussing this section, the student will highlight the significant deductions made in the study.
  • The student will explain the conclusion and recommendation chapters included in the study at the final stage.

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Dissertation Defense Tools

The student, while Dissertation Defense, should ensure a lively session. The student may use different presentation skills, including a slide show of bullet points using a laptop and projector.

  • The student must control and manage anxiety during their Defense.
  • If a student faces challenges maintaining eye contact, the student needs to look at the professor’s forehead.
  • Take a deep breath before starting the Defense to ensure stability in the speech.
  • Try to keep the mind to positive thinking.
  • The student needs to rehearse the Defense presentation several times to ensure a smooth presentation flow.

Ethics in Dissertation Defense

The student needs to follow six major ethics while their Defense. This include:

  1. Well dressed,
  2. Get ready for questions,
  3. Backup Plan,
  4. Tackling Unfamiliar Questions and
  5. Controlling Emotions

Well Dressed

The Defense is an official meeting of a student with a panel of professors. This meeting aims to approve, disapprove, or suggest changes in the research work. This meeting may invite other students and faculty members to participate. Therefore, the student needs to ensure wearing the formal dress code. The student must wear a comfortable dress. The dress will help make a first impression on the student’s personality. This impression may not break in a short time.

Get ready for questions

During the Defense interview, the student needs to prepare well for random questions. The student must have a complete grip over the study and the text mentioned in the dissertation. The student must get themselves well prepared to study the context of the study. The panel of professors may ask random questions to explain and define. For instance, one of the professors in the panel quotes a line from the conclusion paragraph and may ask the student if you have mentioned a line in the conclusion statement can you explain it. The professors in the panel can ask you to explain why you opt for this research topic.

Backup Plan

The modern age of information and communication technology provides ease to people in different fields. Modern-day researcher uses computer-aided technologies to store and save their research works. The students save their work on computer systems. It is unpredictable to use technology. The computer software and hardware are not reliable. They cannot be trusted to save the data effectively. Therefore, it is recommended that the students need to use backups for all of their soft files. To ensure data protection, the students must have some alternative plan. It will contribute to ensuring the safety and protection of the data resources.

Tackling Unfamiliar Questions

A student’s most challenging situation during the Defense is the questioning of unfamiliar questions. Everything can be expected from the Defense interview. The student can do homework on certain things but cannot predict the questions that the panel may ask during the Defense. It is recommended that the student must not say, “Sorry, I do not know this”. Instead of saying this, the student must mention that “I am exactly not aware of it, but I think this because of (—give some argument in support—) to analyse this”. In this way, the student can manage to show their image of good academic skills and abilities. Many masters dissertation writing companies are also helpful in this regard.

Controlling Emotions

The Dissertation Defense is the final part of a degree program. Therefore, it is natural for any student to become nervous. The positive note on the student’s end is that the professor expects the student to be nervous. A student well versed with preparation may help control the level of nervousness. The nervous smiles and speedy speech are major signs of nervousness. These can lead to fumbles. Major fumbles can ruin the personality of the student. The student needs to control their nervous smiles and ensure that the pace of spec is average and under control.


Nobody is perfect and makes mistakes during their Dissertation Defense. The panel of professors does not expect perfection from the student’s end. The defense is a formal procedure. In most cases, without an in-depth discussion, the panel of professors passed the students. However, the student needs to control blunders during the Defense interview.


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