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Everything you should know about Blackout Roman shades

Everything you should know about Blackout Roman shades

Roman shades are one of those window shades that have been around for centuries. Today, Roman shades are available in different styles with multiple options. Basically, roman shades are made of fabric shades that can be raised and lowered with a pull cord. Since they are made with different colors by creating different styles, they offer a distinct look. Window Blackout roman shades in Pacific Palisades is one of the most popular window shade options to choose from because of a variety of reasons.

How roman do shades work?

Roman shades feature soft fabric coverings that hang flat against the window when they are lowered, and they curl up with crisp and neat folds when raised. Since roman shades are fully covered, they offer excellent light control and protection against UV rays. Plus, they protect your interior against dust. Another best thing about roman shades is they are lightweight, easy to maintain, and look elegant. This makes Roman shades ideal for any space, whether it is residential or commercial.

Roman shades have a simple mechanism. They are generally operated by a pull cord that is used to pull up or down. However, roman shades also come with cordless and motorized options, which make them very easier to use. The pull cord is attached to string or rope, threaded through small rings sewn on the backside of the fabric of the roman shades. As the roman shades pull up, the strings create neat pleats.

Why should you choose roman shades?

Roman shades are highly functional and elegant window treatments. They do not only accentuate your windows to protect your interiors from UV rays, scorching heat of the sun, glare, and dirt. Let’s discuss the reasons why choose roman shades for dressing up the window.

  • Light control– Since roman shades are fully covered by a fabric layer, they offer better light control and insulation. The fabric used in the roman shades allows diffused light to enter your room, thereby reducing the glare inside the room.
  • Energy-saving– As Romans shades are made of dense fabric and fully covered, they perfectly increase the energy efficiency. It creates a barrier between the inside and outside of your room to maintain an ideal temperature inside the house. This ultimately lowers your energy bills.
  • Perfect for hard-to-reach areas– As the roman shades are lightweight and customizable, they can be installed on any window frame. There are motorized options also available with the roman shades, meaning you don’t have to reach the pull cord when you want to raise or lower the roman shades. Using the remote, you can raise and lower the roman shades installed in the hard-to-reach area. That makes the roman shades the perfect window treatment for the hard-to-reach areas.


Roman shades are timeless window treatments and will remain in use for many decades. However, many timeless window treatment options are available for you, including roller shades for bedroom windows in Malibu. The most important thing is what you have chosen and installed in your home which complement your home décor.


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