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Favorite Log Cabin Windows And Window Treatment Ideas

Favorite Log Cabin Windows And Window Treatment Ideas

Attractive windows, their placement, and window treatments can make a log cabin seem brighter and more alive. Windows have more benefits than just viewing the outside, including:

  • Admit sufficient light into the cabin
  • Helping to heat rooms during cold weather
  • Strong aesthetic appeal
  • Let fresh air inside
  • Stabilize UV rays
  • Allows the passage of sound in and out
  • Stained glass windows add beauty to homes, control the amount of light, and sometimes tell a story. 

The optimal placement of log cabin windows placement helps us realize these benefits on the ground floor, attic, or basement. Window treatments such as molding, blinds, shades, curtains, solar shades, shutters, arches, skylights, and panel tracks can add charm and beauty to any size or shape log cabin. 

Double-Hung Log Cabin Windows

Double-hung log cabin windows are both traditional and practical. They can fulfill all the benefits previously mentioned plus allow the placement of a window-unit air conditioner.

  • They look great in any color
  • These windows are fast and easy to open
  • There’s no cranking open and closed
  • They typically cost less than casement windows
  • Many hardware and finishing choices

Double-hung windows open only half way up or down. This may or may not be an issue for you. They are more difficult to completely clean than casement windows. Almost all window suppliers stock these windows while some styles must be ordered or custom-made. 

Fixed-Frame Log Cabin Windows Can Be Amazing

Fixed windows, or those that do not open, can be truly amazing when it comes to their shapes and sizes. You have probably seen many of them and admired them, such as:

  • Squares and triangles
  • Vertical rectangles
  • Horizontal rectangles
  • Rounds and Trapezoids
  • Arched and polygons
  • Bay and oval
  • Many more

Make dramatic scenes inside and outside your log cabin with specially-shaped windows. Wow yourself and others with large windows in the common area or great room that can reach sizes up to 9’ 4”x 8’0.” When selecting these windows, do not forget energy efficiency to save on heating and cooling bills.

“Attractive windows, their placement, and window treatments can make a log cabin seem brighter and more alive. Windows have more                                        benefits than just viewing the outside.”

Casement Log Cabin Windows

Casement windows are for you if you want to open the entire window for viewing or letting more air in or out of your cabin. They have some advantages over other style windows:

  • The locks tend to be more robust than double-hung windows.
  • This added security may be important for ground-floor windows or if your cabin is in a secluded place.
  • Casement windows are great for sun porches because they let more breezes come in.
  • Can add architectural distinction
  • Work well with other window styles

One drawback is that some casement windows cost more than double-hung windows. Another is a limited assortment of sizes from some suppliers.

Awning Windows for Log Cabins

Our last style of log cabin windows you may want to consider are awning windows. They are often used over kitchen sinks and in bathrooms. Their advantages include these:

  • Lets air in while keeping the elements out
  • Acts as a roof when open that protects the cabin’s interior when raining
  • Good for loft or attic living space because they let hot air out
  • The entire window opens to let a lot of breeze flow in
  • One of the more affordable options in windows
  • Available in many sizes, shapes, and styles

Like all window types, awning models carry some cons such as walking into them when open or not a great emergency exit.

Treatments for Log Cabin Windows

A myriad of window treatments is available to fit any log cabin décor, shape, or size, including:

  • Molding – fancy or plain ● Shutters – inside or outside windows
  • Blinds – wood or synthetic ● Arches above windows
  • Shades – fabric or plastic ● Skylights in the roof
  • Curtains and Draperies ● Panel Tracks act like barn doors
  • Solar Shades for efficiency

Add more charm and beauty to your log cabin and windows with these super treatments. They are available in an endless assortment of colors, materials, quality levels, and prices. Some will be just right for you!                                                                              Don’t forget about some super-looking interior doors.


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