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Felis catus has had a long-running relationship

Felis catus has had a long-running relationship

Relationship with Humans

Felis catus has had a long-running relationship.Felis catus has had a long-running relationship with humans. In past, Egyptians might have domesticated cats at least 4000 years ago. Numerous rodents likely attracted wild cats to human settlements. Cats’ ability to kill their prey may have initially gained the admiration of humans.   Blue Colored Birds  

The early Egyptians revered a goddess of cats and even buried their pets to travel to the next realm, accompanied by mice that had been mummified! The world’s cultures eventually took cats on as pets.

Hunting Skills

As with their wild counterparts, domestic cats are also natural hunters, able to track prey and strike with sharp teeth and claws. They are most efficient at night, as their eyes reflect light, allowing them to see more clearly than their prey. 

Cats also have excellent hearing. Cats are all agile and agile. They also have long tails that assist in their remarkable balance.


Cats communicate by marking fence posts, or even furniture by using claws or waste. These posts that emit scents are intended to let others know about the cat’s territory. can cats see color Cats living in houses have an extensive vocal repertoire that ranges from purrs to screech?


Domestic cats are mostly carnivores and have developed an easy-to-digest food that is suitable for meat that is raw. They also keep the rough tongue, which can help to remove every last ounce of meat of bone (and take care to groom themselves). 

Their diets can vary according to the preferences of humans but they can also be enhanced by the cat’s own hunter’s successes.


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