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Home Health FUE hair transplant Lahore results after 4 months: a case study

FUE hair transplant Lahore results after 4 months: a case study

FUE hair transplant Lahore results after 4 months: a case study

People are concerned about their beauty and health. Hair also increases your beauty, but due to lifestyle and poor diet, people face hair loss issues; they are concerned with baldness or alopecia issues. In the past, people got depressed because no such treatment gave people their hair back. But those days are gone when there was no remedy for people who lost their hair on the scalp. So the number of people increases who choose to have a hair transplant. People can now benefit from hair transplant methods such as PRP therapy, FUE hair transplant, etc. 

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is one of the finest hair transplant methods, which is effective and painless. So get your hair back on the scalp with FUE hair transplant Lahore treatment. As the session starts, you will notice the redness and feel itchiness in the recipient area. But after two weeks, it becomes less irritated, and the recipient area starts to fall out. After that, natural shedding starts and remains for two or three months. In the fourth month, new hair starts growing. 

This article is helpful if anyone wants to get a hair transplant and wants to know about the results and details.

Hair transplant expectations after 4 months

If you are considering a hair transplant, the following case study will greatly help you. The current case study gives you an idea about the whole process. And you will see what happens in the fourth month after the hair transplant. 

Mr. Ali has been facing a hair loss issue for the last 2 years, which decreases their motivation to socialize and go out to work because people judge him and change their opinion about him. Then someone suggested he see a hair surgeon. He searched for the best hair transplant Lahore and found the best clinic. After a meeting session, the doctor told him that he was suffering from male pattern alopecia and had to take follicular unit extraction (FUE) for his hair treatment. And explain to him the whole process. He was satisfied with the behavior of the doctor and staff. They have the latest equipment and techniques for resolving hair issues. So he booked his appointment and started taking his sessions. 

Before coming to the clinic, the doctor gave him precautionary measures which he had to follow before taking his sessions, such as diet, exercise, hair product use, etc. 

The first three months of hair transplant

Each session was of 2 to 4 hours which was painless. He experienced no cuts and bleeding because of the highly qualified staff. You don’t see any hair growth during the first month, but you can expect new hair to grow. But the first week shocked him as you see his hair started shedding from the head. Then from 1 to 4 weeks, hair shafts came out, and he felt itching and redness on his head. 

Shedding remains for 4 to 5 days, and then Hair follicles were captured underneath the scalp by ingrowing vessels and were safe 4-5 days after the surgery. Then there was a follicle resting phase for 8 to 10 weeks because of the hair’s structures. Some of them lose contact with follicles and start falling, so don’t you don’t need to worry about that.

After that, the remaining donor hair grows right after the transplant and covers the area within a week. 

Desired results in the fourth month

During the fourth month, his hair started growing, and he was excited about that because the procedure worked. When new hair starts growing, you will see the new hair is thinner than natural hair. Then the hair growth became more prominent, and the growth rate accelerated. 

When his hair started growing in the fourth stage, he felt relaxed because it was a miracle for him. When his hair started shedding, he thought he got baldness for a lifetime. But he got the best treatment for his hair and recommended everyone to see a hair surgeon. 

He shared his story to encourage everyone to get the best hair transplant in Lahore because he was satisfied with the hair specialist. So the case of Mr. Ali is an inspiration for everyone facing many hair issues. 

Bottom line 

In the past, there was no such treatment for baldness or alopecia. People were not aware of hair transplant treatment or the whole process. But Hair transplant nowadays has become common for everyone. People worldwide and in Pakistan are now aware of the latest technologies and equipment. There are a lot of stories that inspire people, like the story mentioned above. People must search for a FUE hair transplant Lahore as it is the most effective hair treatment. The skilled surgeon and best hair transplant Lahore are necessary to treat hair issues. 


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