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Function of fat traps

Function of fat traps

The main function of grease traps is to prevent grease, oil and solids from entering kitchen drains and public drains. Grease, oil and solids can clog drains and cause backflow, creating a serious pollution problem. A drain box from washing oil water from the kitchen can be large in the winter because the oil can accumulate to be the main function of restaurant grease trap cleaning services .

Grease, oil and grease are the main types of waste in the kitchen. It ends up in the downspout if it hasn’t been stopped before. This problem is especially serious in restaurants because a lot of greasy waste solidifies and blocks the drain. They can trap grease and avoid the unnecessary cost of opening and cleaning pipes.

Commercial buildings such as restaurants and shops

Are required by law to install traps to ensure that large amounts of grease, oil and grease do not enter the drains. Bites and fat in their droppings. These traps should be installed on sanitary waste and kitchen waste. One should search on the websites of various companies and choose the one approved by the authorities. Choosing the right size and type of trap required by law is important, especially for restaurants and other commercial businesses. You also need to check the normal cooling time if it needs to be cleaned.

It is very useful in reducing pollution that can return to rivers and lakes. Small items need to be cleaned by hand on a regular basis, and accumulated items can be thrown in the trash. However, large underground reservoirs must be pumped out and their contents recycled.

Types of fat traps

A grease trap or interceptor looks like a box and is made of metal or plastic. It is installed between the kitchen sink and the main drain. It is easy to hand clean and regular cleaning is recommended. If it is not clean, the kitchen will start to smell because of the oil and grease from the chicken feed. The work of cleaning them can be charged by the installation company.

It is designed to work in the kitchen and therefore should not be used elsewhere, such as the shower or the bathroom. Restaurants are encouraged to use it even if they have septic tanks. You can install the trap inside and outside the house. Internally mounted traps require more cleaning than external mounted ones, which are usually larger. However, outdoor traps don’t cause as much trouble as indoor ones.

It is important and not using it can cost more than the money saved by avoiding it.

If a drain is blocked in the municipal sewer line and it’s in your kitchen, you may be paying more than the cost of the problem. That is why it is important to install them. It is best to get it from a reliable online source.

Today, you can find commercial grease traps in most kitchens and restaurants. A restaurant grease trap, also known as a grease trap, is one of the most important pieces of equipment you’ll find in any commercial kitchen. Why is fat trapping so important? This trap is specially designed for waste water containing oil, fat and grease. This large accumulation blocks the esophageal opening and causes reflux. Usually in winter, when the temperature of the water drops a little and the fat hardens quickly.

Traps must be cleaned regularly to be effective. Fatty acids and Fats are denoted by the abbreviation FOG. Brown fat, which comes from chicken and other meats, is the most flavorful. Regular cleaning of the trap will keep it from smelling. It is also a good idea to use a grease trap to prevent grease, oil and grease from entering your underground water tank.

Another advantage of these traps is that they can actually reduce pollution. Large underground structures can be pumped out and their contents recycled. (Smaller items should be thrown in the trash.) Having a grease trap can reduce the amount of pollution that returns to lakes and rivers. If your town’s water is recycled, it can make the boys’ jobs at the waterworks easier. For more information visit our website


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