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Gun Maintenance Tips to Handle Wear With Care

Gun Maintenance Tips to Handle Wear With Care
Man cleaning his pistol with bullets.

Handling your gun with care is an essential part of responsible ownership. From preventing wear and tear to using the right cleaning solutions, there are some things that, as an owner, you can do in order to handle wear with care. Here are a couple of tips for gun owners who want to do the best upkeep possible on their firearms. 

Unload When Not In Use 

Make sure that you always unload your gun when it is not in use. This should go without saying, but some owners don’t follow through each time. Switch out your magazine every 4 to 6 months and also fire the gun at a target range every few weeks to practice your skills and ensure the gun is in good working order. 

Remove Any Debris 

Sure, the majority of us don’t have any sonic cleaner available, so what needs to be done is ridding your firearm of debris. While a toothbrush soaked in cleaning chemicals is a more affordable option, you’ll need a brush, patches, bore solvent, and a rod. You can also buy a MUT tool since that eases up some of the burdens. Still, you need to be as gentle as possible while you clean your gun. Never scrub more harshly than you need to because that can do more harm than good. 

Check It Often 

Check your firearm often. Like I said, firing your gun at the range every few weeks is a great way to identify wear and tear. If your gun sits inside a holster day in and day out, they are more prone to rust and debris collection. Perform a cursory inspection at the end of each day if you are a constant carrier. Inspect it weekly if you leave it sitting in your home or vehicle more often than not. 

Use a Solvent Trap 

Think about getting a solvent trap. Companies like Solvent Traps Direct know the value of a well-put-together kit. Why get a solvent trap? It is cost-effective and helps you keep your firearm clean. This firearm barrel cleaning accessory gives you a simple way to recycle your solvent. Therefore, it is also a better thing for the environment. 

Don’t put off performing proper gun maintenance. Getting into the habit of cleaning and caring for your firearm is an essential aspect of gun ownership. You’ve spent a lot of money on getting your gun, so you need to do your due diligence to protect your investment – and yourself and the people around you. 


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