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Hair transplant care in hair restoration surgery

Hair transplant care in hair restoration surgery

Hair care is an important concept that patients who have had hair changes should know and follow the rules. All patients who have had their hair changed using a bandage procedure usually leave three places where they can replace the hair with a bandage around the head. The bandage is only used to support a new closed wound placed on the back of the scalp. Patients received medication and immunizations the first day after surgery. The first night after the hair transplant, the patient should be careful not to pull or scratch the transplant site. It is recommended that all patients take it slowly early and avoid strenuous exercise.

Patients should return to the doctor for control

And hair washing the day after surgery. At the first visit, the bandage was removed and the donor wound and Hair Transplant clinic in Dubai were examined. Donors and recipients should be thoroughly cleansed when the patient is instructed on how to clean the home the second to fourth day after hair replacement. Washing of the hair after hair replacement should be performed twice a day with a special method to reduce the displacement of the grafts. Patients were asked if they could refrain from washing their hair for the first few days to avoid damage to the bacteria. The answer is no. “Hair washing is an important step in hair care that promotes proper growth of the hair follicles.

We have some restrictions on patient activities after hair replacement.

 Some hospitals recommend stricter rules for physical activity. It is better for the patient to maintain normal routine with some minor restrictions. Activities that increase the tension of the wound at the donor site should be avoided within the first four weeks after surgery. These activities include: bending the neck and lifting heavy weights.

Hair transplant patients must return to the hair transplant clinic on the tenth day

After the hair transplant to remove the staples (for patients who have performed band work and patients free closure with metal staples) and genetically tested. Area. For patients who have closed donors with absorbable sutures, it is recommended that they consult within ten days to assess the health of the recipient and the donor area, which includes having a patient with FUE, hair transplantation, hair or body treatment. Hair change. All subsequent visits are included in the original price of the hair transplant and patients will not be charged for subsequent visits.

Patients who have undergone hair transplantation should not be exposed to direct sunlight in the exposed area for up to six months after follicular transplantation. Excessive and direct sunlight can damage growing transplants. Contact with the sun may cause discoloration of the skin. The final program for their care after hair transplantation is between ten and eleven months after hair transplantation, where the hair changes to the last thick and long. This visit is a great option for patients who have not paid for hair or paid for hair that has not been covered for weak skin due to the low slackness of the skin or area. All patients planning a back surgery do not have to wait that long and back surgeries can be performed at any time after 5 months after starting the hair transplant procedure.


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