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Home Business Harpic vs. Domex – Which is Better and Why?

Harpic vs. Domex – Which is Better and Why?

Harpic vs. Domex – Which is Better and Why?
Harpic vs. Domex - Which is Better and Why?

There has been a long debate over which one is better – HUL’s Domex or Reckitt’s Harpic. From past advertisement feuds, the debate is still on to find out which one is better than these two. Continue reading to explore more!

Understanding the Origin

Manufactured by Reckitt Benckiser India Private Limited, Harpic has been used in almost every household. The famous toilet cleaner comes from a registered proprietor of the word mark – Harpic in class 3 bearing registration No. 347055 dated 15.03.1979. 

On the other hand, Hindustan Unilever’s Domex originated in 1997. The consumer goods company came with the technology that could help clean surfaces by using silane, a chemical compound. Due to its novice technology, it got patented for Hard Surface Treatment Composition under Patent No. 368377.

Market Share

In India, Domex isn’t as much understood as the way Harpic is. That makes Harpic the market leader with the largest share of more than 70%, while Domex has 7% in the ₹1,300 crore market segment. Domex is popular in European markets but has struggled to create an impression on the Indian audience. 

Ingredients – Do they make a difference?

Domex contains sodium hypochlorite, ionic and non-surfactants, and sodium hydroxide. On the other hand, Harpic contains hydrochloric acid 10.5%, hydroxyethyl oleylamine, cetyl trimethyl ammonium chloride, methyl salicylate, and butylated hydroxytoluene. In simpler terms, Domex is not as strong as Harpic as hydrochloric acid is stronger than sodium hypochlorite. 

Due to these ingredients, Harpic is effective over deep and rough stains. In contrast, Domex is used in the kitchen or on normal surfaces to clean a few mild stains and dirt. 

Advert Feuds 

Though Domex has been in the Indian market for over two decades, it has not been able to overtake Harpic when it comes to market share. In the recent advertisement, Domex has directly challenged Harpic, its rival, questioning if it helps disinfect and contain malodour over a longer period. In the ad, Domex targets the generic consumer mentality skewed towards toilet cleaners that do not provide long-term effective disinfection and freshness in bathrooms and toilets. 

Price – The Decision Maker?

The price might not be the ultimate criterion to find out which one is better, but it is surely going to help users choose the best when it comes to savings. The Harpic price of 5 ltr is slightly more than the Domex 5 ltr. The major difference occurs due to the different ingredients in both. 

If you find Harpic effective, you can go to pay extra bucks for effectiveness. On the other hand, if you are satisfied with the performance of Domex and want to settle for a lower price, go with it. 

Though the debate is still on which one of them is better, it will be you who can decide what suits you the best for your home. You can try both of them and decide which is better to provide results matching your needs. 


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