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History of mobile application development

History of mobile application development

Don’t we all love mobile apps? Well, these apps that are a part of our daily life have an interesting history and not many people know about it. For many, mobile app development started with iPhone app development years ago. However, app development can take several years before BlackBerry first offered wireless email through RIM in 2002. Since then, they’ve made rapid progress in the world of app development, as you can see below.

App development journey

We can’t ignore Apple’s big push in the iTunes Marketplace. It can be said that mobile phone users can take full advantage of mobile applications. A year after Apple released its first iPhone with pre-installed apps, it launched the App Store in 2008, taking smartphone users with it. In October of the same year, Google launched the Android Market with the HTC Dream, the first commercially available Android mobile phone.

In April 2009, the number of apps downloaded from Apple’s App Store exceeded one billion, which is incredible considering that the App Store has only been around for eight months. Over 10 billion downloads in September 2011, a tenfold increase. Android has also proven to be a significant competitor in the development of programs, and in April 2010 the total number of programs downloaded from the Android Market exceeded one billion. Almost a year later, in January 2011, the total number of app downloads crossed the 10 billion mark. As of March 2012, the App Store had over 25 billion downloads, and while the Android Market eventually migrated to Google Play, it also did very well last May with over 15 billion downloads.

The most popular programs

We can’t talk about the history of mobile apps and identify some of the most downloaded apps in app history.

The first paid Android app to hit the billion marks was Beautiful Widgets in 2011. In 2012, “DrawSomething” had 50 million downloads in just 50 days of its release. instagram downloader also received 38 million new downloads in just three months, from 12 million downloads in January 2012 to over 50 million downloads in April of the same year. Angry Birds, the most popular mobile game, also surpassed one billion downloads worldwide last May.

The future of applications

Currently, about 70% of iPhone users have downloaded apps from popular brands, and 60% say they want to do the same. According to a study by Indiana University, people are more likely to download apps from well-known brands, which can be good news for your business.

Both smartphone and tablet users have different needs when it comes to apps, and it’s easy to see why the app development industry has a bright future. What many of you don’t know is that using apps is actually more than just using a mobile website, and while the business world initially benefited greatly from mobile apps, things have changed and apps have changed the way we meet our needs. Internet access is now easier and statistics show that smartphones control half of the mobile phone market. This means that the demand for applications is increasing and application development is now available for almost every operating system. By talking to a mobile app development company, you can also take advantage of the many potential mobile apps that we have to offer.

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