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How can You Deodorize Your Sofa at Home?

How can You Deodorize Your Sofa at Home?
How can You Deodorize Your Sofa at Home - Sofa Cleaning Services

As multiple people sit, eat, and drink on your sofas, it’s easy for odours to get trapped in sofa fibres over time. These foul odours can spoil the evening plans you have made after a hectic day at the office. And you might get exhausted after a short time sitting on these smelly sofas. But the solution is as simple as the situation is frustrating. Sofa Cleaning Services in Lahore have come up with some simple and effective ways to deodorise your sofas at home. You can try these easy DIY techniques to remove the musty smells from your sofas.

So, if your sofas have foul smells due to which you avoid sitting on them, it is time to get rid of these smells. Follow these simple techniques and enjoy a long-lasting freshness.

Some Easy Techniques to Deodorize Your Sofas

By Using Baking Soda

Baking soda is an amazing deodorizer as it can remove foul odours from leather as well as fabric sofas. If you want to remove odours from your sofa, you should try it at least once.

How to use it? It is not that complicated.

  • Take a pack of baking soda powder
  • Sprinkle it on your whole sofa seat
  • Wait overnight
  • Vacuum your sofa to remove all the baking soda

Now, you can smell your sofa and feel the magic. All of the bad odours have vanished, and your sofa now smells like it did when you first bought it. If the foul smells still exist, do not worry. Book sofa cleaning services in Lahore and get them removed by professionals.

By Using Vinegar

Vinegar is also considered one of the best deodorizers you can use to throw away foul smells from your sofas. How to use it depends upon the type of your sofa, whether it is a leather or fabric sofa.

Fabric Sofa

  • Take white distilled vinegar
  • Pour it into a spray bottle
  • Spray it on your sofa

Leather Sofa

  • Take a cloth
  • Dip it in vinegar
  • Wipe down your couch
  • Let it dry

Using vinegar for deodorizing your sofas proves cost-effective because it does not break your bank. It is available at any department store for a very low price and can be used without any difficulty because it does not require any professional training or tools.

By Using Activated Charcoal

Whether you know it or not, activated charcoal is an effective odour eliminator. According to the best home maintenance company in Pakistan, the effect of activated charcoal is longer-lasting as compared to other deodorising agents. Book our sofa cleaning services.

Many homeowners do not use it because it has a strong staining quality. They do not know how to handle it. But it is not fair to not enjoy its benefits due to fear of only one aspect. You can use it by using a packaging technique:

  • Buy packs of activated charcoal
  • Do not open them
  • Remove the covers of your sofas
  • Place the packs in the corners of your sofas
  • Also, place it on the back of your sofa

The activated charcoal will absorb all the foul smells from your sofas. You can see that its freshness lasts for a longer time.

By Using Coffee Grounds

Most people do not know a lot of the amazing properties of coffee grounds. It can be used to remove bad odours from your fabric or leather sofas.

But using coffee grounds can also be tricky, like using activated charcoal, because it can also have the quality of staining things. But it does not mean you can not benefit from its odour-eliminating property.

As you can not apply it directly to your sofas, you should use it in a way that it can not stain your sofas. How can you do it? Do not worry. It is not that difficult.

  • Take coffee grounds
  • Fill it in small jars
  • Place these small jars on both sides of your sofas

In this way, the coffee grounds will not absorb coffee grounds directly, but it will definitely deodorise everything around them.

This process could prove more effective if you get your sofas cleaned by an expert sofa cleaner in town. So, before buying coffee grounds, you should make sure your sofas are clean and tidy.


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