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How does Cocaine Affect Its consumers?

How does Cocaine Affect Its consumers?

Would it surprise you to know that one of the most severe health problems in the United States today is cocaine addiction? It is up there on the list with heart disease and cancer. Cocaine is a very real problem in this country. An addiction to cocaine can develop very easily due to the fact that the drug is able to alter the normal way the brain functions, thereby making it more and more difficult for a user to give it up. Since cocaine is a highly addictive drug, even the occasional use of cocaine can easily lead to chronic use; from that point onward, the cocaine users can spiral out of control and blend into full-blown cocaine addiction. Also, cocaine withdrawal can be a serious issue when you finally go for cocaine addiction treatment.

Cocaine brings about a high that is very intense and short-lived. It then very quickly heads in the opposite direction and brings about negative feelings in the form of depression, frustration, edginess, and a craving to have more.

Regular cocaine (or coke) users do not eat or sleep well and can find themselves experiencing convulsions and muscle spasms. The heart rate of a cocaine-addicted individual tends to be elevated due to repeated drug use. If cocaine is snorted on a regular basis, it can damage the delicate tissue of the nasal passages. This damage is permanent.

Cocaine can affect the way a person feels even when they are not using the drug. It can make a person angry, anxious, hostile, paranoid, and terribly unsettled.

Cocaine kills. Cocaine addiction can lead to heart attacks, strokes, respiratory failure, and seizures. Those who inject cocaine with a needle can make themselves vulnerable to contracting HIV/AIDS or hepatitis.

Seeing the Signs of Cocaine Addiction

Individuals who have developed an addiction to this drug need help in recognizing that they need addiction treatment as soon as possible!

The warning signs for cocaine addiction or addiction to any type of illegal drug are very similar. They include:

  • Eyes that are red and bloodshot on a more or less regular basis
  • Frequent sniffing and/or a runny nose
  • A drop in grades
  • A change in behavior and social habits from positive to negative
  • Sleeping patterns and eating patterns that are inconsistent, erratic, and not healthy
  • A loss of interest in family, friends, social activities, work, or school
  • Dropping one set of friends to hang out with new friends
  • Constantly being out of money and needing more

If you or a loved one is addicted to cocaine, treatment should be sought as soon as possible. A reputable cocaine rehab center can provide patients with the tools they need to stay off of cocaine. Luckily, success rates for treating cocaine addiction are relatively high, and the detox process is relatively easy as well.

Attending a cocaine rehab center is the quickest and most effective way to stay off the drug in the long term. Addiction to cocaine can cause disruptions in relationships and problems at work. Don’t think for a second that it’s not as serious as any other addiction.


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