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How Hair Can Impair Your Home’s Plumbing

How Hair Can Impair Your Home’s Plumbing
Woman removing hair clump from the shower drain. Cleaning or hair loss concept.

Washing your hair is likely a regular activity, and you probably complete the task in a fairly robotic way. In other words, you’ve been washing your hair for so long that you don’t put too much thought into the process. However, the fact of the matter is that hair can actually damage your home’s plumbing. 

Obstructed Pipes 

In some cases, hair can clog up the pipes in the house. You’ve likely had the experience of massaging shampoo through your hair only to pull out a few strands. That hair then goes down the drain. Hair itself can clog the drain, but so can the grease on the strands. From sweating and hair products, your hair accumulates oil. Also, any products in your hair are going down the drain, further leading to the possibility of a clog. 


The pipes can also get clogged through shaving. Even if the hairs are not large enough to cause a clog, the shaving cream can. When shaving, you should try to avoid letting shaving cream go down the drain. You might use a bowl to rinse the razor. You can also purchase a shaving cream that is specifically labeled as safe for pipes. A smart idea is to check with professionals to find out if the shaving product truly can help in avoiding clogs. 


You also might wash your pets in the shower or tub. Pet hair can clog the drain as well. Think about all of the dirt that could be on your pet’s fur from rolling around in the yard or on the floor. This grime and grease then go down the drain as well. The shampoo that you use to wash your pet might also contribute to a clog. You can look into products that are friendly for the drain, or you could consider having professional pet groomers wash your furry friends. 


Getting a hair catcher that you clean out on a regular basis is one way to avoid a major plumbing problem. Also, check the products that you use to ensure that they are safe for the pipes. You can speak with a plumbing expert like Countryside about strategies that are specific to your home as well. For example, if the pipes in your house are old, the plumber might recommend that you start thinking about replacing the system. 

Hair can cause annoying clogs that can lead to backed-up pipes and overflows. Taking some steps on a daily basis to resolve this issue can help.


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