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How to apply for a passport application?


Enter the online passport application seva portal with a registered login ID. Click valid for a new passport/re -issuance of the passport applications link. Fill in the required details in the form and send it. Click the payment link and schedule a link promise on the display screen that is saved/sent to schedule a gathering.

Passport application process

  • The arrival of applicants at the customer service counter.
  • Token Counter + capture photos.
  • Biometric / finger molds capture.
  • Data entry.
  • Verification according to office records. (ECL/BL)
  • Interviews and decisions by assistant director.
  • Passport delivery (passport collection).


 E-mail/SMS will be sent to the applicant after sending a passport application from the production facility, but the applicant can also track it via SMS or by calling Helpline No. Passports are sent within the specified time but may take additional time to achieve their destination, namely the Regional Passport Office (RPO) or Foreign Mission (FM).


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