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How To Change A Drop Ceiling Air Vent Diffuser Cover

How To Change A Drop Ceiling Air Vent Diffuser Cover

Ceiling air diffusers are metal fin-finned openings that connect to the outside of ventilation ducts and flow in various directions. However, the fins distribute the air that leaves the ducts into different sections of the space. If your diffuser is useless or rusty, you may easily change it with a new one with only a screwdriver. Moreover, diffusers come in shapes, including circular, square, and rectangles, but they all utilize screws to install.

Tools You Need

  • Ladder or stool
  • Measurement tape
  • New Diffuser
  • Screwdriver
  • Duct Tape

Steps To Change A Drop Ceiling Air Vent Diffuser Cover

Step 1:

Go up on a stool or a chair to view the ceiling air diffuser better. However, the ladder or stool must be high enough for your arms to rest straight on the roof for safety reasons.

Step 2:

Please note the diffuser’s design, then use a measuring tape to determine its width and length. Now measure the dimensions, ranging from one end to the other through the middle, assuming the diffuser is spherical. Although, consider taking the dimensions with you to a home improvement or hardware store to get a new diffuser.

Step 3:

Examine the diffuser’s base to check whether there is a spike that protrudes from the bottom. If that’s the case, take it in your palm and twist it around until it comes free. Secondly, from the roof, bring it down. Moreover, if there is no post, you should skip this step.

Step 4:

Find the three to five bolts that attach the diffuser to the roof around the periphery or in the middle. With a screwdriver, unscrew each bolt by twisting it counterclockwise.

Step 5:

Try pulling the diffuser down from the rafters with your hands. Remove the old diffuser and change it with the new one.

Step 6:

Press the new diffuser’s head into the roof till it levels with the roof. Depending on the version, replace the bolts in the bolt holes to fasten them to the rafters or the top ventilation system. Air duct repair and replacement Canton service can be helpful for you if you also want to replace your old ducts.

Step 7:

In this step, you have to rotate the middle post clockwise till it is tight, if necessary.

Various diffuser versions directly connect to the ceiling’s adjustable air duct. Pull the ducts over a round top aperture on the damper and attach it using duct tape to join them.

Installation Method of Diffuser in Drop Ceiling

Diffusers are the vents via which the furnace system warm and cooled air enters a room. It’s a little more difficult to install a roof diffuser in a drop ceiling than in a drywall roof. The roof grid, not the tile, must sustain the load of the diffuser and its container. The tiles will twist and shatter if it is sustained solely by the tile. 

Professionals frequently install diffusers in the basement drop ceilings. Because the ducting in a subterranean will be above the ceiling, it is most reasonable to place the diffuser directly into the drop ceiling.

1st step:

Separate the ceiling tile where you have to install the diffuser. To take the tile off the grid, raise it and twist it.

2nd step:

Set out all the appropriate sizes on the ceiling tile depending on the size of the diffuser. Mark a twelve inches by six inches rectangle on the tile using a pen for reference if you’re installing a 12 by 6 inches diffuser. You can place the rectangle wherever on the tile-based on your demands.

3rd step:

Using the sharp blade, cut off the rectangle form you created in the previous step. Slowly make passes down the scribed line, getting deeper with each passing. The rectangle cutting should simply pop out once you’ve pierced the tile.

4th step:

In this step, you have to replace the roof tile in the ceiling. Strip off the adjacent tile and place the diffuser unit evenly over the cutout in front of the ceiling tile. It would help if you also considered getting an HVAC cleaning Canton service to clean the air.

5th step:

Cut two different 2-by-2 angled pieces to a total length of 23 3/4 inches. That’s the length of the grid space in the ceiling. Now, put one piece along the diffuser box’s edge. Use metal sheet screws to fasten the container. Put the second length on the opposite side of the diffusion box and secure it in place. The angles will support the diffusion box, diffuser, and flexible ducting rather than the ceiling tile itself.

6th step:

It would help if you tried to use flexible ductwork to link the diffusion box to the correct supply air vent. Strip the bendable duct to the required length and loop one side over the air supply vent and another over the diffuser container’s collar. Use plastic wrapping bands to keep everything together.

7th step:

Pull the ceiling diffuser into the diffusion container from underneath the ceiling tile. Between the diffuser box above the ceiling tile and the ceiling diffuser below the ceiling tile. Attach it to the diffusing box above the tile with the given bolts. Clamp down until there is no space between the roof tile and the diffuser.

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