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How To Choose A Shower Head?

How To Choose A Shower Head?
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It is peculiar how an act of hygiene has today become a kind of ritual, in which the same thing happens to you as it did to me: Every time we get under the shower, this small artifact plays an almost sacred role, since that during the few minutes that we are usually under its flow of water, they are felt as a moment to disconnect from the maddening buzz of the external and to reconnect with ourselves.

For such a reason, whether it is cultural development or effective marketing, you cannot avoid the fact that these bathroom sprinklers are essential terrain; however, there are so many models on the market, which can lead you to feel confused when choosing.

Does not worry anymore, follow this practical guide; you will see how you will have a better idea before making your purchase.

How to choose the right head according to your water pressure?

Nowadays, the most ecological and correct thing is to adhere to the voluntary Water Sense program that certifies the heads that use 2.0 gpm (gallons per minute) or less, ensuring, however, a more than satisfactory experience using only a fraction of the water that you used to consume. .

Scalding, thermal shock and other temperature problems

Do you have a thermostatic or balanced pressure shower valve? If you don’t know, you have to find out. Because although low flow heads are excellent, they present a serious risk of thermal shock when installed together with an old valve that lacks automatic temperature compensation (ATC), whereby a burst of water could come out of your pipe boiling or freezing, an issue that can become dangerous for those who live in the home.

If you have a water heater without a tank, make sure that your minimum flow rate is less than that of the shower head you want to buy; older heaters may have a higher flow, but will not activate with just the shower.

Spray Settings, Shower Styles, Filters, and Special Features

Obviously, the size of the house is going to be an important factor when choosing the shower. If it’s for a couple, why not give yourself a special treat like the rain-type models?

On the other hand, for those of you who have family or friends living together in an apartment, it might be best to choose something that offers multiple spray options to keep everyone happy. For example, a manual shower head is a great alternative for bathing children and pets, and they are so powerful and versatile that they have similar functions to overhead showers.

Whether you’re looking for a stationary or portable unit, if it’s a multiple mist model, you’ll want controls that are clear and easy to use in the middle of a shower as some designs can be difficult to manipulate with soapy hands.

Does your shower ritual involve waiting for hot water? I can suggest that you add a Shower Start Hot Water Saver. This handy device will automatically close your valve every time the water reaches 95°F, allowing just a trickle to relieve pressure and save energy.

Another thing that you can also think about is how to counteract the level of chlorine that comes in the municipal water supply. To do this, install a specialized shower filter, so you will reduce unwanted chemicals.

Types of showers

Below I will display a synthetic list, so that you have an idea of ​​the multiple versions that exist in terms of the types of showers, that you can install one in your home.

1. Adjustable showers

These types of devices have several spray options and allow you to adjust various levels of water pressure, which are usually altered by turning the shower head to one side or the other.

2. Rain showers

These types of shower head have a low-flow spray head that mimics the soothing sensation of rain. The rainwater versions are often an eco-friendly option, thanks to the water savings they allow.

3. Portable shower heads

Manual models are those that have a short hose that attaches to the shower to facilitate bathing and provide more movement. These portable showerheads lock upright and double as standard adjustable showerheads.

4. Low flow shower heads

This version of the head is specifically designed to save water. Many have multiple spray options that typically include rain, allowing for the most efficient use of this invaluable resource.

5. Fixed showers

Fixed heads are the standard and best known style. This fixture connects to a pipe or faucet on the wall in the bathroom area.

6. Double showers

Dual showerheads offer a fixed shower head and an attached hand shower, providing multiple bathing and usage options.

Spray patterns

At this point I will refer to the water pressure and the types of jet offered by the different shower models.


They offer a low-flow pattern with a larger shower head and light pressure that mimics gentle rainfall.


These provide several adjustable pressure options from the highest to the softest; therefore they can be considered to come with a whirlpool function.


It has one or two pressure options and uses all the holes of the shower head at the same time.


The water pattern is high pressure and the jet option is concentrated.


Offers medium pressure with an on/off water spray pattern.


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