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How to Choose the Best Tubular Cam Lock

How to Choose the Best Tubular Cam Lock

A tubular cam lock can be an indispensable tool in many situations. However, there are so many different types on the market that it’s hard to know which one will be best suited to your needs. By comparing the features of these locks, you can learn how to choose the best tubular cam lock for your situation and ensure that it functions properly when you need it most. These are not just great for outdoor use-it’s worth noting that these padlocks have been used as service entrance locks on high-security U.S. military installations like nuclear missile sites because they are considered more resistant to sabotage than types of locks.

What is a Tubular Cam Lock?

A Tubular Cam Lock is a cylinder that uses spring-loaded cams as its locking mechanism. When a key is inserted, one of the cams will be pushed inwards, compressing it against an inside wall of the cylinder and unlocking it. This type of lock is often used on access panels, containers, cabinets and other similar structures. It’s because they are resistant to tampering and they also operate silently when compared with other types of locks. One downside of this kind of lock is that the keys can become lost easily due to their small size. However, most people who have had experience with these locks say they are worth using despite this downside.

When To Use A Tubular Cam Lock

Tubular cam locks are usually used when dealing with construction, especially for doors and large objects that need a lot of security. A Tubular Cam Lock is designed like a long tube with a long bar inside it which can move back and forth by turning a handle attached to one end. The bar sits in holes in the other side of the lock. To open this type of lock, you must push on the opposite end from where you turn so that it pushes back against the bar inside. By turning in opposite directions, both ends will meet and release your object. Tubular cam locks also have different thicknesses. Depending on what size you want, they come in either 3/8 inch or 5/8 inch thicknesses; these refer to how thick the steel is and how much force it takes to cut through them. When deciding what size you want, think about how much money you’re willing to spend and whether or not people would be able to cut through your lock quickly if they wanted.

Most customers choose 3/8 inch because they offer more protection but take longer time to break into.

Our Top 6 Picks For The Best Tubular Cam Locks

With all the different brands and models of Tubular Cam Lock out there, it can be difficult to know which one is best for your needs. If you’re looking for a little help in deciding which lock is best for you, check out our list of the six best tubular cam locks available today!

1. Hopkins Manufacturing Co 103003H3AR 304 Series Stainless Steel CRLV7 Series Pin Tumbler Padlock . The stainless steel construction gives this cam lock superior corrosion resistance and an increased resistance to prying attacks. With a body thickness of 3/8 in some models, this padlock also offers good protection against cutting attacks. Another benefit of these tubular cam locks is that they come with adjustable locking mechanisms that allow users to customize the degree of difficulty with just a few turns.

2. Master Locks TL1D Safe Light Duty Tubular Hasp Lock . Another entry from Master Locks, this safe light duty tubular hasp lock features a zinc alloy construction with chrome plating that resists rusting or tarnishing and provides maximum security at an affordable price point.

Other Factors To Consider When Buying A Rugged Bolt & Nut: See detail in below:

Material – The material can influence the corrosion resistance, operating torque, and impact tolerance of the bolt. The type of application you will be using it in is also an important factor in determining which material to use. Depending on the environment where it will be used, stainless steel or chrome plated carbon steel is usually a good choice. Grade – There are several different grades of Tubular Cam Lock that offer various levels of corrosion resistance and tensile strength. Make sure to choose the grade that best suits your needs. Thread Size – A smaller thread size means there are more threads per inch. Bolt Diameter – Bolts come in a variety of diameters for specific applications and the larger diameter provides higher strength and greater shear resistance. Longer Lengths – You may need longer lengths if you want them to reach from one surface to another without making any bends or if they need to span two floors without sagging at the middle point.

Bonus Section – What Are The Benefits Of Using A Tough Nut And Bolt Combo?

Tough nuts and bolts can be advantageous for a number of reasons. One of the most important benefits is that these are often harder to break than your average nut and bolt. This is because they are made from materials like Tubular Cam Lock and other high-quality material which make them more durable than standard nuts and bolts. Another reason that tough nuts and bolts are beneficial is that they can offer better protection against rust. They can also be a better solution in areas where the ambient temperature tends to fluctuate more heavily throughout the year, or where you may experience really cold weather for much of the winter months. The other benefit of using tough nuts and bolts is that they can provide better corrosion resistance. Tough nuts and bolts tend to come with many different thread types as well, so it’s easy to find one that suits your needs.


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