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How to Design a Hang Tag That Works For Your Brand?

How to Design a Hang Tag That Works For Your Brand?

Whether you’re launching a new line of clothing, or simply want to brand your existing items, there are several important aspects of hang tag design to consider. First, your logo must be a central element of the hang tag design. It can take up the entire side of the hang tag or, in the case of clothing, be the center of attention. This type of branding is vital, as customers want to see your logo only once, so that they can associate it with your products.

Best Hang Tag Design:

A hang tag Design is a small piece of apparel that carries information on its functionality and its care instructions. Developed to make a product stand out and add value to the customer’s experience, the hang tag has evolved into an effective marketing tool. Today, hang tags often include contact information as well as QR codes. It is therefore important to create a well-designed hang tag that fits into your marketing strategy. Listed below are some tips for creating a good hang tag.

First, decide on the orientation of your Hang Tag. It can be either landscape or portrait. If you choose the former, be sure to rotate the photo 90 degrees counter-clockwise before uploading it. The dimensions are approximately 3.5″ wide by 1.58″ high, and the punch hole is approximately 1/8 inch below the top edge. You can also choose between a standard 300gsm paper or a 40% recycled kraft paper hang tag. To ensure the correct placement of your Hang Tag, you can use downloadable templates.

You can also incorporate special features and other information to make your hang tags stand out. Your tag is prime real estate, so include information that will sell your product and engage potential customers. Adding a special feature or two will help you create a return customer base. You can also include a short mission statement or ethos that will inspire the consumer to make a purchase. The hang tag can be as simple as a product description, but it’s important to include a compelling image.

Size of The Hang Tag:

While it’s important to consider the size of the hang tag, keep in mind that it must contain your logo and brand name. A poorly designed hang tag could lead customers to believe your clothing is of low quality. In the same way, a poorly designed hang tag might not catch the attention of your target demographic. Instead, it should be prominent enough to capture their attention. If the hang tag is on a budget, use a cursive font with a basic design. However, if you’re targeting a hip and trendy young adult demographic, use a simpler font that’s easier to read.

Aside from delivering your message, hang tags also convey an element of mystery and exclusivity. Often, they combine a variety of materials such as barcode tags and price tickets. They also serve to advertise your company or product in a unique way. Image Label Systems can design your hangtag for you, as they listen to your requirements and deliver solutions that work for your brand. Read on to learn more about the types of hang tag designs you can use on your next campaign.

When creating hang tag designs, make sure to incorporate your brand name or logo prominently. The customer may not recognize the brand name if it is not displayed prominently. Moreover, inconsistent typography may discourage them from returning to your website. Finally, choose a catchy tagline and a tagline that summarize your company’s vibe. Hang tag designs should be able to portray these aspects without much difficulty. However, you must remember to consider your target market and their specific needs when choosing a tagline.

Customize Tags:

If you choose to make use of an Adobe hang tag template, you can customize it with your photos and free images. You can also add text to your hang tags and customize your brand colors and fonts. Once you are satisfied with your hang tag designs, you can print them and apply them to your retail products. Make sure you choose the right paper to print your hang tag designs on. Otherwise, you might end up spending more money than you need to.

If you don’t have the time to make your own hang tags, you can opt to use professionally designed templates. You can choose between 2″x3.5″ and 2″x4″ rectangle. The latter size is slightly longer than the first standard, and it works for vertical as well as horizontal orientation. It is not uncommon to see hang tags in many different shapes and sizes, so it’s important to choose a design that matches the dimensions of your product.

The tag design on clothing is as diverse as the clothing itself. Often, hang tags feature an image of the product that demonstrates how it would look in the real world. This can be particularly useful when clothing items are purchased as gifts, where customers might have a difficult time figuring out which brand they are getting. Similarly, hang tags can be used to showcase other types of clothing. In addition, hang tags can include a short, catchy tagline that conveys the brand’s essence.

Impart Important Information:

Hang tags are a staple of retail marketing, and their design can add an extra aesthetic layer to your creations. Despite being ubiquitous, printed materials are still a popular way to promote a brand and impart important information. Detailed hang tags are important pieces of branding and should be well integrated into your overall marketing strategy. Listed below are some guidelines for designing a hang tag that will make a lasting impression. Once you’ve created your hang tag design, you’ll be on your way to increased sales.

A Hang Tag can be designed in either landscape or portrait orientation. Just be sure to rotate your image 90 degrees counter-clockwise before uploading it. Choose between the Metric and Imperial File Specifications. The dimensions of a Hang Tag are 3.5″ by 1.58″ and 9cm by 4cm. For exact placement, download a template. The template can be shared with designers and other people working on the design. A Hang Tag must perform three important tasks to be successful: attract attention, convey a message, and increase sales.

Full color hang tag designs are a good example of graphic design. They are an inexpensive way to make your brand more visible to consumers and convey important information about your company or product. They are compact and noticeable and can be used for any kind of product. Many popular design concepts are used in full color hang tags, including image backgrounds, stylized text, and solid colors. You can also find hang tag templates with the style and color you want, in either JPG format or as a PSD file.

Die-cut Shapes of The Tag:

Your hang tag design must capture the brand’s message. This can be through the colors or unique die-cut shapes of the tags printing. It could also include QR codes for easy scanning. Today, QR codes are very popular and can be incorporated into the hang tag design. But your hang tag design needs to appeal to the average consumer as well. It should contain all the necessary information to attract customers. For example, your hang tag should include information about the product’s care and maintenance, its price, and its background. It can also contain a list of the materials used to manufacture the product. You can also use an environmentally friendly hang tag design to appeal to shoppers who are concerned about the environment.

Using a hang tag design template is an easy and convenient way to design your hang tag. You can choose the background color, font, and pattern of the tag. Then you can add up to three lines of text. The text on the hang tag must be in a readable font. Using the preview feature, you can check if your design is perfect. You can also order a matching ribbon or cord to hang your hang tag. You can choose a variety of materials for the hang tag, including standard 300gsm, kraft paper, or a matt laminate.

If you’re trying to sell a product, a hang tag is the perfect place to convey a brand’s message. You can tell customers how to use a product, or you can convince them to buy it. For example, if you sell a shirt, you can include a tag that explains how it fits, or how it can benefit the user. This is an excellent way to sell a product, engage customers, and create return buyers.

Material You Use:

Regardless of the material you use, hang tags are an inexpensive way to spread the word about your business. They are noticeable and can be easily seen. They can be printed in landscape or portrait orientation. For Metric files, the dimensions are tags printing wide by fourcm tall. Make sure the punch hole is about 1/8 inch from the top edge. You can also download a template for your Hang Tag design to make the process easier.


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