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How to draw Money Bag

How to draw Money Bag

How to draw Money Bag. Learn to draw an excellent Money Bag drawing with easy drawing ideas, step-by-step instructions, and a tutorial. Now you can easily create a beautiful silver cartoon drawing. A silver bag is a common image in popular culture. Often, it is in the hands of the cake cartoons of the flight of the banks or the warehouse of a rich person, such as Scrooge McDuck of Disney. References to silver bags in art and history date back to 2,000 years.

In this drawing guide, the silver bag is full of gold coins. Did you know that using coins such as money has a long story? The first parties may have been beaten or produced by the Government in the Mediterranean region more than 2,500 years ago. The pieces were easy to transport and more durable than materials such as shells. The pieces are often darkened with images of government leaders, deities, cultures, or animals.

Today, most of the pieces are “fiduciary money” instead of the money of raw materials. In many countries, pieces are no longer made of precious metals; they have value simply because everyone uses them according to their value. Have you ever wondered why certain pieces have ridges on your side? When the pieces were still made of solid gold, silver, and copper, some people shaved pieces of these metals on the sides of the pieces. Then they would spend the pieces for their total value but sell the chips or use them to make other objects. The ridges were obvious when the parties shaved, and thieves could identify them. Do you want to draw a bag of money?

Drawing cartoon money

Step 1:

Start drawing a curved line, like half of a heart upside down. Start around the silver bag.

Step 2:

Draw another curved line that reflects the first. The lines must be connected at the bottom of a driving way. It completes the base of the silver bag.

Step 3:

Using two curved lines, join a curved shape at the top of the silver bag. It is the rope that connects the closed silver bag. Texture The rope with curved lines.

Step 4:

Draw two curved lines that extend up, one on each side of the rope.

Step 5:

Connect the curved lines using a long wavy line, describing the upper part of the bag.

Step 6:

Connect the wavy lines using additional corrugated lines. It indicates the distant side of the upper part of the bag, giving it an appearance of three dimensions. Draw curved lines that extend up and down on the rope, indicating the folds in the fabric.

Step 7:

Describe the shape of the letter “S” on the front of the bag.

Step 8:

Draw a narrow rectangle through the “S,” and delete the guidelines if necessary. It is the form of a sign-in dollars, or “$.” Texture The bag with short lines and points.

Step 9:

How to draw Money Bag

Draw parts that fell from the bag. For each room, draw a narrow horizontal oval. Then draw a short line descending to each side of the oval. Connect these lines using a curved line, describing the side of the room. Texture The side of the pieces with short lines.

Step 10:

How to draw Money Bag

Color your silver bag.


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