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How to enable the WPS button on Spectrum Router?

How to enable the WPS button on Spectrum Router?

WPS refers to a Wi-Fi protected setup and it is considered one of the most desirable and mandatory features of many routers and you will find it in almost every router. As almost every router comes with a WPS button just because you find it effective in order to make a secure internet connection. Moreover, this feature also ensures the security and smoothness of the whole system and enjoying High-Speed Internet Bundle.

What is WPS Button?

The WPS button is described as a Wi-Fi-protected setup. This button is available in almost every router. The reason behind embedding this button in the router is to make your Wi-Fi connection safe and effective. As per the companies, the major reason behind adding this button is to make an awareness among the people about network security.

WPS button on Spectrum Router

Like many other internet service providers, the Spectrum also has the WPS button on their available router and it is one of the popular devices among the users due to its high speed and impressive performance. But if you are a new user who is using the spectrum router then you have to first enable this WPS button because it is not enabled by default. Following are some ways in which you can enable the WPS button on the spectrum router. But first, let’s have a quick look at how to find the WPS button on the Spectrum router.

How to find the WPS button on Spectrum Router?

The spectrum router perfectly responds to the WPS button but you have to enable it first.For that reason you have to develop a full awareness about the WPS feature on your router.
So you can find out by locating the button and you can find it located at the back of your router and if you don’t find it physically then it may be possible that it will be enabled with the software system. You can use the user manual which can guide you better.

Steps to enable the WPS button on Spectrum Router?

Here are steps to enable the WPS button on Spectrum Router and Spectrum internet plans :
If you found that WPS button then we will move further to enable them so you can follow these steps.
Gently push the WPS button and hold it for a few seconds until it’s powered on.
If you see their network menu then it would be visible and you can use it now.

Troubleshooting Tips to enable WPS router

When you enable the WPS button on your spectrum router and still it’s not working then don’t worry there are some other ways to troubleshoot options.

First, you have to turn off your router and then turn it on the back and then repeat that and stop again.
Log in to a spectrum default network username and password.
You will see a password that is by default displayed.

Try to connect with the network once you connect with the network then search for the wireless setting option.
Then go to the network setting option and select the network setting.
You will get two options one is easy and another one is expert, select the easy option and follow the guideline.
Now you are able to connect with your device to the network.


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