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How to fill FSSAI license registration online application form

How to fill FSSAI license registration online application form

The FSSAI appointed the food safety authorities on various levels to regulate and supervise the food safety standards. The FSSAI ensures the quality and safety of the food. 

The Government of India launched the FSSAI or the Food Safety & Standards Act 2006 to promote and protect the health of the public. The FSSAI license acts as proof and permission for the manufacturer or distributor of cooked and processed food that is sold commercially.

On 1st June 2020 FSSAI renamed the Food Licensing and Registration System (FLRS) as the FoSCoS (Food Safety Compliance System). FoSCoS is the latest version of the Food Licensing and Registration System which works in a similar manner to enhance or inspect the quality of the food and material used in it. The inspection of the food is done in all stages from manufacturing to distribution to improve the quality and regularity of the food.

In this article, we are going to tell you how to fill out the fssai registration form and step-by-step process with eligibility criteria.

Steps to fill fssai license registration online application form are following:

STEP 1: Click here to fill out the application form for FSSAI license registration online.

STEP 2: Enter the details in the application form.

STEP 3: Enter the name of the applicant/company.

STEP 4: Enter the Email Id of the applicant.

STEP 5: Enter the mobile number of the applicant.

STEP 6: Select the nature of the business from the list.

STEP 7: Select the name of the food category from the list.

STEP 8: Select the designation.

STEP 9: Enter the address and Pincode of the applicant.

STEP10: Select the state.

STEP11: Select the validity period from 1-5 years to print on your license.

STEP12: Tick the box to agree with the term and conditions.

STEP13: Complete the payment to get the license number.

STEP14: After the completion of the payment, your application form will be processed by the department and the license number will be sent to your Email-ID.

FSSAI registration eligibility criteria for FBOs (Food Business Operators)

Depending on the annual turnover of the FBOs there are different eligibility criteria for FBOs to get registered in FSSAI.

CASE I: For basic FSSAI registration, FBO has an annual income that must be less than 12 lakh.

CASE II: To get the FSSAI state license, FBO has an annual income that must be less than 20 crore Rs.

CASE III: To get the FSSAI central license, FBO has an annual income that must be more than 20 crore Rs.

Some Rules and Regulations are followed to protect the Goods :

  1. Storage conditions like ‘Expiry date’  must be checked for packaged food to check the date of packaging.
  2. To maintain the proper regulation of all materials, these conditions must be followed: FIFO(First In First Out), FEFO (First Expire First Out), FMFO (First Manufactured First Out).
  3. At the time of transportation, the material should be properly packaged.
  4. Limit the toxin formation by maintaining the time of transportation, temperature, and exposure, by using such a way food should be transported. 

The food should be transported in the proper manner taking into consideration the time period of transportation/ the time taken to transport the product, temperature, exposure, etc in order to prevent the formation of toxins in the food product.

  1. The equivalent standard of drinking water should be used to prepare the beverages and drinking water.
  2. Standard drinking water should be used to prepare ice.
  3. Use closed containers with taps to store the water.


In this article, we come to know how to fill the informatics ims form online and what is the eligibility criteria for the different types of FSSAI licenses. If you want to improve your food operating business and build the trust of your customers then you can also apply for the license by using the steps mentioned above. 


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