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How to Fix a Bad Google Review? [2022 Guide]


Consumers avail of a product or service in the present world after reading reviews online. Google reviews are the first to check than other online consumer forums. Any bad reviews which are irrelevant to your business will affect your brand. Thus, you must know how to tackle your customer’s fake and bad reviews.

It will help if you can try the below-mentioned ways to fix a bad Google review. If not, hire professional SEO site audit services. They will do proper weekly or monthly audits on your reviews and fix all scams, bad reviews, and intentional bad reviews from your competitors.

1.      Reply to Bad Reviews Immediately

Reply back if it is a customer and ask them to give additional details to solve their quarry if they do not go through proper channels as complaining in customer care. Assure them they will replace, repair, or serve better if they can call the customer care number and register a complaint.

Reply back to a fake customer by asking for sales or service details they have availed of from your business. You will see they will not reply to your response. It is best to make a full stop by mentioning we are ready to serve you further if you can give your full details and where we went wrong.

Thus, replay to bad reviews even if it is from your competitors. Such reviews will not have full details. Thus, ask them to provide photos or videos of the damaged product. Either try to collect more evidence from such bad reviewers. They will not be able to give such details, and they will keep a full stop.

2.      Flag Bad Reviews

Flagging off the bad reviews is the best way to show they are spam or from competitors.

First, visit your business on the Google business page on Google Map.

Now, click the bad review and click on the three dots on the right-hand side of the review.

Now, click on the red flag and submit.

You must now go to the setting and contact support and write the identity of the bad review such that Google must delete it at their end.

Within a few weeks, you must notice that the bad review is not visible on your business reviews. Either, Google has erased them at their end.

3.      Better Business Bureau 

The best way to delete a bad review from your competitors is by contacting Better Business Bureau. First, make sure that the bad reviews are from your competitors. Next, want them to state they will report your fraudulent activities online to the Better Business Bureau.

In this case, they will delete it at their end and never review it further. It is the finest way as you can take legal action if necessary.

4.      Go Legal

If you find a bad review is from a fake person, you can go legal and punish them for making your brand with a bad name. You can do this if you are sure it is not your customer and the person has posted a bad review due to some intention.  

It will help if you file a lawsuit and submit the charge sheet to Google support. You have to mention that the user ID is a fake and ask Google to delete it at their end. Google Inc will take action if you show proof of your filed lawsuit. Google sees that ID can never come back again, and whatever they have reviewed on Google will get deleted forever.

It will help if you showed the proof of such fraudsters on that review by showing the court proof of the charged offense. You can keep away your competitors and anyone intentionally posting bad reviews on your product or service.

5.      Resolve Consumer Quarry

A bad reviewer might be your customer who did not get any reply after complaining to your customer care number or email. In this case, it would help you if you could ask for the full details of the complaint and try to rectify them as soon as possible. If the customer quarry is solved, ask that customer to reply by adding my query is resolved. A bad reviewer replaying with my quarry is soled the best way to make a good impression that you do handle the bad customers smartly. It is because, sometimes, you cannot delete bad reviews. In this case, solving them is the best on the company’s part.


A weekly site audit is necessary to do on your customer reviews. Find which is real and not real. It would help if you replayed all the good and bad reviews. Yet, take action if you find it a fake or from the competitors. It will make a full stop to such spammers.


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